The “Like” Diet

The “Like” Diet: A Two-Week Cleanse I’m not one for fad diets. But I’m going on a two-week cleanse, a short fast wherein I will consciously avoid “Liking” things on Facebook. I may have to share and comment more. Or ignore that which doesn’t particularly inspire more than a passing “Like.” Egads. Post by Holly Jahangiri. This has already proven... read more

Let Go of the Dots!

Ellipsis Abuse “Hi, I’m Holly. I’m a writer, and I have an unhealthy addiction to ellipses.” I see a number of familiar faces in the audience, and I’m inspired to be a more decisive writer, a better leader. I pull a handful of dithering dots from my pocket, careful to hang onto the few loner-types willing to serve as periods, and I lay them down on the podium. It’s... read more

Passive Voice & Lazy Writing

Believe it or not, I do put clear and accurate communication ahead of grammatical perfection, at least when it comes to technical and scientific writing. When it comes to fiction, I’d say that the ability to tell an good story well comes first. But grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the tools of the trade, and using them correctly means removing speed bumps that stand between the minds of the... read more

A Paucity of Hope

With thanks to Ron Lacson for the inspiration, in Writing… and us. According to Ron, I inspired him to write that, yesterday, with my post, Nothing Left to Say. Ron writes that, “because most writers articulate how they view the world and craft their piece as a tool to share their dreams and values; their success and failures; their fears and visions, it then follows that in writing there is... read more

Nothing Left to Say

What do you write when there’s nothing left to say? Or maybe there’s too much to say and you no longer have the heart to say it – you’re all “said out”? In the end, maybe, you return to your first love: fiction. You’re not sure that your resolve will stand strong – that you can resist commenting on “current events” or sharing an opinion of the... read more

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