A Paucity of Hope

With thanks to Ron Lacson for the inspiration, in Writing… and us. According to Ron, I inspired him to write that, yesterday, with my post, Nothing Left to Say. Ron writes that, “because most writers articulate how they view the world and craft their piece as a tool to share their dreams and values; their success and failures; their fears and visions, it then follows that in writing there is... read more

Nothing Left to Say

What do you write when there’s nothing left to say? Or maybe there’s too much to say and you no longer have the heart to say it – you’re all “said out”? In the end, maybe, you return to your first love: fiction. You’re not sure that your resolve will stand strong – that you can resist commenting on “current events” or sharing an opinion of the... read more

Sizzle and Stagnation (Short Fiction from Different Perspectives)

Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #346 The prompt: November, patience, bedroom, rights, brandy, happiness, accusation, society, contradiction, class I’m a little tired of politics, but the prompt lent itself to a statement on politics.  And so I wrote two pieces based on this week’s words – not quite stories in their own right, but little vignettes that were inspired by the... read more

He Said, She Said

Until recently, the best way to start a flamewar among writers was to ask, perhaps disingenuously, “What’s so wrong with passive voice?” Now, it seems, we’ve moved on to “said” vs. all the other wonderful verbs one might use to add a dash of spice to ordinary dialogue. While “he said” and “she said” can, indeed, be monotonous, some of the... read more

Valentine Valley Vintners (Short Fiction)

A very short story inspired by the prompt: Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #345 to use the following words: natural, children, services, rights, brandy, associations, valley, main, flaky, pursue   Valentine Valley Vintners   “Of all the flaky…” Josh threw the morning paper down on the table in disgust. “What’s wrong, dear?” Lily... read more

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