Sizzle and Stagnation (Short Fiction from Different Perspectives)

Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #346 The prompt: November, patience, bedroom, rights, brandy, happiness, accusation, society, contradiction, class I’m a little tired of politics, but the prompt lent itself to a statement on politics.  And so I wrote two pieces based on this week’s words – not quite stories in their own right, but little vignettes that were inspired by the... read more

Valentine Valley Vintners (Short Fiction)

A very short story inspired by the prompt: Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #345 to use the following words: natural, children, services, rights, brandy, associations, valley, main, flaky, pursue   Valentine Valley Vintners   “Of all the flaky…” Josh threw the morning paper down on the table in disgust. “What’s wrong, dear?” Lily... read more

Interview with Artist Todd Kruse

I met Todd Kruse through work, many years ago. Until recently, I did not know that Kruse was a remarkably talented artist who might convert me into a fan of contemporary abstract art. I recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. “What inspired you to start painting?” “I would have to say that the seed was planted by my Grandpa Kruse,” Todd said. “When I was... read more

Culinary Arts and Letters

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Thanks to @AnkleBuster (Mitchell Allen) for letting me know that the Creative Copy Challenge had been resurrected! This week’s words: Act, Tougher, Quality, Contribute, Hockey, Soft, Sandwich, Colour, Hopeful, Nimble See Writing Prompts – Creative Copy Challenge #344 for more details.   Culinary Arts and Letters A Fictional Reality... read more

Would I Write for Free?

Once again, Damyanti has written a thought-provoking post about writers being asked to write for free. Hers was inspired by the even more thought-provoking “Slaves of the Internet, Unite!” by Tim Kreider for the New York Times. One of the things I most value about U.S. copyright law is its recognition of the fact that as the creator of a literary work (which, for legal purposes, includes the... read more

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