Pots Clanging in a Dark Drawer

I’m unapologetically liberal – well, moderate, actually, but in today’s political climate, that’s what passes for liberal. I was reading Peter Wright’s post, “Why you should worry about Bernard Eich’s persecution,” this morning, and it seems as good a springboard as any for some of the things that have been bothering me, lately. My lack of sympathy for Mr.... read more

Chag Sameach

Wishing all who are celebrating Passover peace, prosperity, and good health.   read more

Literacy and Liquor?

A man of character, indeed. The following “mini-movie” (an ad, but as someone pointed out in comments, better than many full-length movies at storytelling) shows the lengths one father will go for his son. A whiskey ad, promoting adult literacy. An ad that leaves you feeling there’s hope for the world. Grab the Kleenex and watch.   Disclaimer: This is not a product endorsement; I... read more


I was driving to work, one morning, feeling all caffeinated go-getter and ready to get on with it, when another driver who must’ve been feeling even more deadline driven and eager to get to work cut me off. Tempted to show off my perfectly manicured middle finger, I settled, instead, for muttering, “Asshole!” under my breath. I immediately remembered the day, many years earlier, when... read more

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Does it have to take a crisis so bad, so pressing, that it makes us not just aware, but painfully aware, that it must be solved or we could actually die?

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