March Baby, Blog & Photo Project

March has a habit of sneaking up on me. Given that my birthday is in March, I should see it coming a mile – or a month – away. But February always seems to come up a week short, bringing March into what really ought to be the last week of the second month. I’d forget my birthday, if my husband didn’t always ask, “What do you want for your birthday?” “An extra week... read more

I Love Being Quote-Worthy!

At least when I’m saying something halfway intelligent or kind. I’ve been having some entertaining and lively chit-chat with my friend @Mitch_M and fellow writer and grammar cop, @DougBittinger: RT @DougBittinger: Is It Farther or Further, Father? / You just hurt my head; now I have to invite @HollyJahangiri — Mitch Mitchell... read more

Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge

It seems strange: I’m not much of a “joiner,” and generally love my solitude, but when it comes to things like NaNoWriMo or the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, it’s hard for me not to get caught up in the collective, creative energy and throw my lot in with the rest of the crazies. This year, I’ll be participating not only as a blogger, but as part of a team that will help to... read more

How to Succeed in Twitter Without Really Trying

Following a discussion on LinkedIN’s group The Blog Zone – Where Bloggers Discuss Blogging, fearless leader Joseph Higginbotham wrote this brilliant, if cynical, article, “How To Get 50,000 Twitter Followers By Mastering Memes.” Bring an umbrella; the sarcasm’s dripping – but if you read between the lines, you’ll see that Higginbotham does not hold back any pearls... read more

What is the Most Surprising Thing About You?

Friday, the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium tackled the topic: “What is the most surprising thing about you?” Eight other bloggers – Ramana (aka Rummuser), Ashok, gaelikaa, Lin, Maxi, Padmum, Shackman and The Old Fossil – write on the same topic every Friday (loosely speaking – after all, here am I, and it is – arguably  – Tuesday). I encourage you to drop by the... read more

Champagne and Strawberries = Vindication

Or, Have You Hugged a Forum Moderator Today? Originally published about a decade ago, but still just as true today, if not moreso. “Living well is the best revenge.” From 1988 until 1994, I was a SysOp (old-fashioned term for “Moderator”) on Genie. Most of you are too young, or too new to high tech even to remember Genie, but for a while there it was a hot competitor of CompuServe, back... read more


Friday, the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium tackled the topic of Sleep. Eight bloggers – Ramana (aka Rummuser), Ashok, gaelikaa, Lin, Maxi, Padmum, Shackman and The Old Fossil – write on the same topic every Friday. I encourage you to drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. I have written, before, on the importance of sleep. Then, at the start of the... read more

Oh, Brian Williams…

The brain seems to have a remarkable elasticity – remembering some details, forgetting others, and apparently rewriting whole events to suit itself without our knowledge. This isn’t the same as lying; lying is knowing the truth and deliberately covering it up with falsehood. When I was 16, my grandfather died, less than a week after I had “bargained with God” to say one last... read more

Playing Catch with The Universe

Back up intentions with commitment, and the universe starts lobbing ideas and opportunities at you like a mechanical practice pitcher.

read more

Fashionably Late, or Inconsiderate?

“Fashionably late” probably doesn’t mean what most of us think when we hear it. It means being late because everyone else is in the habit of being late, and it’s expected. It’s customary. We can see just how awkward punctuality is, when punctuality is not in fashion, in the painting, Too Early, by artist James Tissot (1873). But punctuality is in fashion. Being late?... read more

The Season of Emotional Eating

Goodbye, January! You’ve managed, once again, to pull a prank on my beloved red maple – Climbing Tree #2, aka “Oscar” – with the kiss of sunshine and a few unseasonably warm days. February, be kind… you know this poor tree will never learn its lesson. I’m not sure which people love more, in January: To make resolutions, or to hate on resolution-making. I intend to... read more

Volunteer! Houston Food Bank

I looked at my weather app last night with a sinking feeling, and the thought, “No good deed goes unpunished…” The one thing I worried about, when committing to a shift each month at the Houston Food Bank, was that January or February might bring freezing rain. Or just that blinding, torrential downpour the Gulf Coast often gets, making the nearly 25 mile drive more stressful than it... read more

Common Sense

Today, my friend Ramana Rajgopaul wrote on the topic of “common sense.” Apparently, he’s a member of a cozy group of blogging buddies who call themselves the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium. Eight bloggers – Ramana (aka Rummuser), Ashok, gaelikaa, Lin, Maxi, Padmum, Shackman and The Old Fossil – write on the same topic every Friday. I encourage you to drop in on... read more

Weights and Measures

Call it obsessive. Call it a symptom of our metrics-driven society. Call it overkill. I caught myself, the other day, wishing I could weigh all the ingredients I put into my bowl at Genghis Grill. I estimated. I’m actually pretty good at estimating, these days, but I have been determined to track everything accurately (and losing 14 lbs in a month is pretty strong evidence that it’s not a bad... read more

Blog Image and Data Visualization Challenge

Good morning! Join me for coffee? I have a new, personal challenge for this week – and I’m inviting you all to join me. The challenge is to add visual appeal and interest to my communications (not just in blogging). It’s no secret that I like words. I have nothing against charts and pretty pictures – in fact, photography and art are creative outlets I happily dabble in – but... read more

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