Chag Sameach

Wishing all who are celebrating Passover peace, prosperity, and good health.   read more

Literacy and Liquor?

A man of character, indeed. The following “mini-movie” (an ad, but as someone pointed out in comments, better than many full-length movies at storytelling) shows the lengths one father will go for his son. A whiskey ad, promoting adult literacy. An ad that leaves you feeling there’s hope for the world. Grab the Kleenex and watch.   Disclaimer: This is not a product endorsement; I... read more


HoneLife, if you haven’t yet discovered it for yourself, is a unique, “topic-centered platform” where members are given just one word, each week, and encouraged to share their creative perspective on it. Their goal is to inspire and enable members to “develop a deeper connection to reality, to the world, and to their unique self.” To that end, the sharing is simple and... read more


I was driving to work, one morning, feeling all caffeinated go-getter and ready to get on with it, when another driver who must’ve been feeling even more deadline driven and eager to get to work cut me off. Tempted to show off my perfectly manicured middle finger, I settled, instead, for muttering, “Asshole!” under my breath. I immediately remembered the day, many years earlier, when... read more

Done, Distracted, Defined

April, as T.S. Eliot wrote, is the cruelest month. It leaves its cobwebs on everything. Sweep them away, or get swept away by them. April doesn’t care. This post started out as something else, but left me drained. April brings jumbled, dusty thoughts. But April showers wash them away. I crumpled it up, which is harder to do with a blog post, but not impossible. It was far too long for a post, too... read more

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