Weekend Update: Week 3 Down, 49 to Go

I know, that’s supposed to be “Friday: Week 3 Down, 49 to Go.” But with Martin Luther King Day, last Monday, I’ve been off by a day or two, all week. I woke up yesterday¬†morning to sunshine slipping between the wooden slats on my blinds, and panicked: “Oh, my God, I’m late to work!” Didn’t take my brain too long to catch up. The next thought, as my lips... read more

When Blog = Slog

A lot of bloggers are suffering blog burnout. Boredom, lack of “results,” lack of human feedback and interaction, lack of inspiration – all of these are our enemies as writers. If your blog has lain barren for months on end, consider blowing it up. Yep, take some TNT to it and blow it away. Redesign the look and feel. Ask yourself if you pigeonholed yourself right into a niche that bores... read more

Friday: Week 2 Down, 50 to Go

Happy Friday! It IS Friday, right? I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week, so it seems like I should either step back and admit it’s only Thursday, or go with the gut and say we’re on to Saturday. Monday’s a holiday, but as hard as everyone’s been working to catch up and get ahead of the curve at the office,¬†after the long break, I’m thinking half my coworkers will... read more

Is It Lunch, or Voodoo?

I arrived a little late to work, so missed all the fun of searching for the mouldering carcass. Chicken carcass, that is – lest you imagine one of my coworkers, eager to put in a little overtime, died at his desk, unnoticed, in the night. That’s happened to people I know, at other companies. No, it was just lunch. Someone’s forgotten leftovers, left a little too long at room temperature.... read more

Monstrous Little Thoughts Not Worth a Penny

“Whatcha thinkin’?” Trockle toddled up to me to ask. “Nothing much.” “Really? How do you do that? Think of nothing much?” “I don’t know.” “That sound boring.” Trockle scurried back off to play with my son’s old Hot Wheels cars. He’s got the room to himself, these days, and barely managed to convince my son to leave the cars... read more

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