1000 Words + a Picture

Which is Worth More: 1000 Words or a Picture?

Why choose? As the commercial says, “Isn’t and better? I like and better.” This is a photo and blogging challenge that began in 2013. Let’s try to keep it going in 2014 – and the more, the merrier! If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much more is a picture and 1000 words worth?

There are prompts – prompts that may be very strictly or loosely interpreted; it is up to you to create the tie-in. Choose to use one, two, or all three of the prompts listed below each full week of the month. (Since I’m ramping this up late, I’m combining January and February, here.) The permanent home for this is on the page 1000 Words + a Picture – be sure to bookmark it, and check back often to see what others are sharing.

For each prompt, create a blog post containing the following:

  • At least one new, original image (a photo, a sketch, a painting – so long as it is your own work and contained in an image posted on your blog);
  • A related post of 1000 words to accompany it.You may write more than 1000 words, if you want to – however, you’ll get a hat tip from me if you manage exactly 1000 words.

Tell your story, your way. What do the prompts mean – to you? There are no rules – interpret each one as you see fit, and communicate your vision. Each prompt should be covered in its own post, not a combined post covering two or more prompts. If you don’t already have a blog, it’s easy to start a free one. I suggest one of the following platforms: Glipho.com, WordPress.com, or Blogger.com.

Each time you post, return to this page and Add your link, using the widget below. I have left voting an option on the 2014 widgets, and you can vote on your favorites when each round closes. The blogger with the best posts and/or most votes may win a prize at the end of the year – if we have enough participants (let’s say 20 or more) and enough entries. It won’t be a BIG prize, so don’t go out there lobbying for votes. 😉 Let’s just make this fun.


Week 1: January 18 – January 24

  • Ice
  • Refraction & Reflection
  • Playful & Light

Week 2: January 25 – January 31

  • Emerging
  • Hard or Durable
  • Flight

Week 3: February 1 – February 7

  • Anthropomorphic
  • Textures (a great time to try macro photography!)
  • Indoor Gardens

Week 4: February 8 – February 14

  • Romance
  • Sacrifice
  • Intensity

Week 5: February 15 – February 21

  • Indulgence
  • Favorite Comfort Food or Item
  • Weights & Measures

Week 6: February 22 – February 28

  • Leap!
  • Calendar
  • Get ready for March’s 1000 Words + a Picture Challenge!

Ready to sign up? For each post, return here and click the blue Add your link button, below! (Remember, there’s no limit to the number of times you can participate each week, and no limit to the entries you can make here – just be sure it’s all your own work and includes an on-topic photo and blog post.)

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Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at http://amazon.com/author/hollyjahangiri. For more information on her children's books, please visit http://jahangiri.us/books.
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    1. Join in, Sophie! I think we often divide people into “word people” and “picture people,” so the idea is to challenge BOTH, and maybe deepen their appreciation of each other, while having fun and challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zones. It IS a challenge. The pictures are a challenge, for me. And I need to build up a better library of images I can use on my blog.
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