5 Day Black and White Challenge (Day 5)

There was a loophole, of course. Nothing said it had to be “five days in a row,” or “five consecutive days.”

I was waiting for the right photo. I think I got the shot, today, finally. I can’t help but wonder at the story behind this. Surely it was a bit of corrugated metal pipe – once upon a time. But how did it get shredded, spiraled, and impaled with a branch? Perhaps a boy poked the branch through the openings, or maybe it grew through a small one and pushed the rusted metal apart until it gave way at the seams. I don’t know, but it caught my eye and declared itself the last of my 5 Day Black and White Challenge images.



And on this, the last day, I’m going to pass the baton to Marian Allen. Don’t do it if if ain’t fun, Marian! (But be a good sport – don’t say no!)



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