5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 4)

Today’s B&W Challenge post is a study in glass, water, light, and shadow. While it’s not a great image, it was an interesting exercise. Literally. I lay down under the glass top table in the dining room and, unsure of whether I’d manage to get back up on my own again, contemplated what it must be like to be a turtle.

Or a pheasant. Under glass.

I don’t think I’ve ever gazed at that ceiling from that angle, before.


But wait – that’s not black and white! All it takes is two clicks, and we are transported back in time…



But that’s a little… flat. I’m starting to think the only reason this seemed interesting when I took it is that all the blood had rushed to my head. It does work nicely with most of this week’s #photography101 themes – edges, alignment, glass… Let’s play with charcoal effects to give it a little more definition. There may have been a few more tweaks…




I really do like the way the mason jar lines up with the curtains, as if casting a large shadow. This looks like a good image on which to try another special effect: color foil. Almost like a negative image, with faint, colored outlines:


And now, to give it the traditional Deviantart, dark and disturbing treatment:



Too much? Don’t worry, kids, it’s only strawberries and paint!

Now for the hard (but fun) part: WHO can I challenge to play along? I think I need to name two people – I didn’t do that in my last post, did I? Whoops. Remember, this is just for fu–oh, who am I kidding? Play along or everyone’s going to think you’re an awful spoilsport. Next up, should they accept the challenge: Ryan (https://musingsonwhatever.wordpress.com/) and Victoria (https://vlramse52.wordpress.com/), two of my Photography 101 classmates.



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