A Spring Walk in the 100 Acre Wood

My son’s come home for a break from his university studies, and today we took a walk in the 100 Acre Wood. We hiked nearly four miles, together, talking and taking photos, and it was good to have him home. We got a bit lost, exploring the nature preserve, avoiding the dirt bike paths as best we could. We couldn’t go too far afield in any direction, so we weren’t too alarmed at being lost, but we had no compass and the sky was overcast. It was funny, navigating by sound, guessing which direction the highway ran or the creek or the road that crosses both.

A friend pointed out that the map of our trek looked like a sweater. Indeed – in more ways than one. But it was good to get out and stretch our legs. I got some photos along the way.


A bonus black & white photo to close out the 5 Day Black and White Challenge. Some days, it’s hard to take a bad one. I said to Laurie Hughes Nation, the other day, that flowers didn’t generally benefit from black and white photography, but needed their true colors to truly shine. I think I’ve found an exception. This is not one of the brilliant pink or purple thistles, but a washed out, creamy pale yellow one. The detail really popped when I switched it to black and white – it looks like nature’s own Koosh Ball:


Urban Art

Emboldened by the company of my 6’3″ tall son, I led the way under SH249 to get a better look at the graffiti under the bridge:


We didn’t see anyone else under there – just an odd little art gallery.


Keep Out

I think this is meant to be a clue that we’re on the wrong path:


And, in fact, fascinating as a tour of the local water treatment plant might be, I am happy enough to backtrack in search of better scenery:


Here, Civilization Ends

The wooden path ends soon enough, and it is in this little thicket we are nearly devoured…

By mosquitoes.


Yes, summer is just around the corner.

Somehow, we ended up on a main road – Jones Road – and backtracked through the local neighborhoods to find our way back to the car. It turned out to be a nearly four-mile hike, and I was glad I wasn’t the only one with sore legs and feet by the end of it! We agreed we need to do this more often.


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8 thoughts on “A Spring Walk in the 100 Acre Wood”

  1. You got lost on a nature walk and didn’t panic? I went on a nature with my friend, Chris. We were on the path the entire time and I panicked because I didn’t know where it led or whether or not it went in a loop. It didn’t. I wasn’t happy.

    1. Look at the map for the nature preserve we walked in. It’s bounded by civilization on all sides. I was well aware that if we simply kept walking in one direction or the other, we’d soon hit either of two main streets or the buildings where I work. It wasn’t scary at all. But next time, I’m taking mosquito repellent!
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