Another Day of Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k)

The grocery list wasn’t long, so I decided to take a tote bag and walk the half mile or so to the store. It was an easy, pleasant walk. Even the return trip wasn’t hard, despite a few pounds of potatoes, bananas, cream cheese, and other produce. Always make sure the tote can be slung over one or both shoulders!

It wasn’t a 5k, not by a longshot. I put up the groceries and headed back out. It’s only about a mile to the track I walked, yesterday. But today, in spite of similar heat, humidity, and sunshine, I was surrounded on all sides by ominous, blue-gray skies with billowing clouds towering overhead. It was a race to beat the rain.

Or not.

It was 88° and 58% humidity. I wasn’t wearing anything that would go see-through, and I was already drenched in sweat. A soaking rain would have been welcome. Lightning, not so much. In the distance, thunder rumbled. The slight breeze was a relief.


My goal was to make it out at least another mile, and a mile back, to hit 5k. I got to the park where I walked, yesterday, turned back, and saw the clouds above. Ahead, it looked like this:


And to the west:


My son and I had been discussing irony vs. coincidence, earlier. Which is it when, after praying to be rained on only to get a worsened sunburn, you strip off your wet clothes, toss them on the bathroom floor, turn on the shower, and the power goes out due to the storms outside?

Maybe neither.

Still no rain.