Aurora Borealis

Enchanting, magical Aurora Borealis is the first item on my A to Z Bucket List. Colorful, undulating curtains of light between earth and space – fascinating geomagnetic storms touched off by the sun’s fiery eruptions. Better than fireworks on New Year’s Eve, if only you can be at the right place, at the right time.

So where might that be? I think I’ve found it… 

I only hope I don’t need flying reindeer to get there!

I’d like to spend a few nights in Finland’s Kakslauttanen arctic hotel, where you can sleep under a glass domed igloo and they’ll even ring a bell to alert you if there’s an aurora. While there, I can visit Norway – and maybe Sweden, as well. (There’s at least one more bucket list item in the region, so stay tuned – and wear your warm clothing when we get to “I”!)

That said, “Watch the Aurora Borealis in Iceland with my friend Asdis” is also on my bucket list, as is “Talk her into taking me somewhere I can poke hot lava with a stick.”

Want to start making your own bucket list? Check out I was surprised how many things people have listed, there, that I’ve already done. It makes me stop for a moment to appreciate what a full and adventurous life I’ve had, really – and yet… there’s still so much to experience! What’s on your list? Please share in the comments!



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32 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis”

    1. Thanks, Dee! I think it must be. How sad would it be to stay in the midst of a Finnish forest and it be overcast the whole time? No offense to Finnish forests, but I think the risks of disappointment may be high on this one. Better to try than not, though!

  1. I have yet to see these. It’s on my list of things to see. I love to see them from space.

  2. The Aurora is on my bucket list too. Wouldn’t it be great to watch them from a hot spring?

  3. That sounds terrific; I’ve always wanted to see Aurora Borealis, but I live in an equatorial country, so the chances are slim. This is definitely on my bucket list!


    1. That’s possible, but less likely I think. The odds are not so much in your favor. I think they can be seen from northern Michigan, too. But if I’m going to travel far to see them, I really want the best odds of it happening!
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  4. I do hope you get to see the lights. A friend of mine who was there this year said that everyone should see this phenomenon even if you freeze doing it…..

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