Breakfast of Roadkill

“Hey, Charlie! Charlie!” Fat Huey glanced left, then right, as he ambled across the highway like a small tank. “Wanna grab a bite to eat?”

Charlie squinted into the rising sun. He’d been basking in its warmth, enjoying the solitude. Dinner still rounded his belly, but at the mention of food, his innards rumbled slightly. They were always up for it, just like Huey. Charlie opened his mouth to say something–

“Watch this, Charlie!” Huey stopped in his tracks, right in the middle of the left lane. His bare feet sensed vibrations in the concrete and he’d watched his Papa do this trick a time or two. He grinned over at Charlie. “Watch and learn.”

The little red sportscar came up over the hill, smacked into Huey, and went airborne before rolling over the shoulder and into the ditch on the far side of the road. Charlie stood up quickly and raced over to his friend. “Are you okay?” he hissed, nudging Huey. “What the Hell were you thinking, you fool?” He glanced up and saw the driver of the car, hanging upside down by a strap, frantically punching numbers into a cell phone. The sirens and lights came moments later.

Huey opened one eye and slowly curled up the corner of his mouth. “You keep watching,” he whispered. Charlie just stared, open-mouthed.

As the firefighters pried open the crumpled door of the car using the “jaws of life,” Charlie thought – not for the first time – that his friend Huey was crazy. “What is that thing?” he marveled, watching the rescuers slice and pry their way into the car.

“I think the humans call it a ‘can opener,'” said Huey. “Let’s go!” The ten-foot gator suddenly sprang back to life and charged the firefighters as they pulled the driver out of the car and laid him on the backboard. Huey thought their presentation seemed a little rushed and but he appreciated their plating the meal so nicely.


This is #2 for StoryADay May. Hey, I got off to a late start! Thanks to Marian Allen for inspiring me to give it a try, and to my Dad for this morning’s story inspiration.


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at For more information on her children's books, please visit
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11 thoughts on “Breakfast of Roadkill”

  1. Great story, but a fee little problems:

    …. They were always up for it, just like Huey.
    REM: Should that not be HE (or She) was always…. (Or are there 3 gators? It would thus make for a very small meal!)

    ….He glanced up and saw the driver of the car, hanging upside down by a strap…
    RE: So is the sports car a convertible? If hanging upside down, in a hard top, little can be seen…

    ….the firefighters pried open the crumpled door of the car using the “jaws of life,”
    RE The Jaws on a convertible? Well maybe. For a convertible, tho, usually a crow bar….

    Where ever this is the EMS people are really good and quick to respond! I like that!

    …..Huey thought their presentation seemed a little rushed and but he appreciated their plating the meal so nicely…..

    RE: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (Every HA was individually typed, for your consideration. Well, as they say on those chef shows: “It’s all in the presentation!”…….

    Bon apetit? (What? I have a kinky sense of humor!)

    So in answer to your question (yesterday’s post): I did read today’s!

    This one would be hard to expand. Unless the Gators turned into a series of misadventures by the 2 (or 3) of them. And that would sell to NBC. Probably as a drama now-a-days.

    1. “They” refers to Charlie’s INTESTINES.

      Hardtop, otherwise hanging upside down gets overly gory, and dialing 911 is harder when you can’t count to one.

      And yes, we don’t want to expand on this, although Charlie and Huey might make interesting characters in a different story. I’m sure there are plenty of tales to tell in the swamps.


  2. So, Charlie…
    (wait for it…)

    But hard for the gators to see the phone being dialed, then. And the mental pic of the guy just hanging there from a tree….. (I have an over active imagination, and a liking for the gruesome…)

    Yes, I can see lots of stories where Charlie and Huey could appear, and discuss good eats, and swamp politics. And also sartorial elegance. And possibly highway engineering…… And do not forget southern charm and manners.

    I think I better go. Stirring your imagination can lead to things……

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