Breaking “Rule 25”: Naming Names and Kickin’ Butt

You’re worried, aren’t you?

Why should I name my enemies, only to have them summoned, like Beetlejuice? Oh, right – I’m going to do it in the name of breaking all 31 of my blogging rules!

Many years ago, I visited a “psychic” out of curiosity. This wasn’t a spiritualist, like in Cassadaga – this woman had quite the scam going. She gave me a creepy stare and intoned, “There are those actively seeking to do you harm… You must buy nine pure white, blessed candles made in Jerusalem – they only cost $900 – and I will give you a list of your enemies. I will give you their names.”

I’m pretty sure my name went on her list five minutes after I walked out of her trailer.

My enemies are… ::drumroll, please:: hypocrites; bigots of all stripes; human parrots (folks who wouldn’t be small-minded bigots except that they want to impress their chosen in-crowd by repeating groupthink); bullies; people who hate children (someone let you grow up, now it’s your turn to be a grown-up); people who want disdain how others choose to spend and enjoy their limited time on this earth; people who feel the only way to make themselves look good is by making others look bad; and people who get their jollies by making others miserably unhappy just for the lulz. OH, and people who try to scam and cheat others.

You thought I was going to say “liars,” didn’t you? I intensely dislike lying, but if we’re honest with ourselves and each other, we’ve all lied about something – at some time. It’s the lies told to hurt and cheat others that I despise, not the little, “Of course that dress doesn’t make you look fat, dear,” lies we tell in the name of kindness.

Breathe easy. I’m betting you’re not on that list. But if you are, why are you?



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