BlogHop with Plot Bunny and Friends

“Hey, Your Authorship, let’s have an end-of-summer party!”

Her Authorship peers over the rim of her glasses at Plot Bunny, Herman the Hootie, and Jam. “What did you have in mind, PB?”

“I was thinking we could have a bunnyhop for fun-loving fiction writers, poets, and artists to share their creative work and get more links back to their own blogs. Kind of like an online sleep-over.”

“You mean a blog hop?” asks Her Authorship.

Plot Bunny furrows his brow. “Noooo…a BUNNY HOP! On your blog…” PB looks slightly confused, but shakes it off and leaps up into Her Authorship’s hand. “The frog told me about them.”

“What frog?” Now, Her Authorship is confused.

“We could make S’Mores,” suggests Jam, always eager to flambé things, including embarrassing manuscript drafts tossed into the circular file by frustrated authors.

Herman hoots softly into Her Authorship’s ear.

“Ohh,” she whispers back. “That frog.” Plot Bunny has learned about inLinkz. “Let’s do it!” Her Authorship passes out crayons and poster board. Every party or blog hop needs an engraved invitation and just a few rules to keep everyone safe and happy:


You’re Invited!

Plot Bunny, the globe-hopping adventurer, will be sharing some of his trips, travels, and tall tales starting August 1. His author invites you to join in the fun! When the BunnyHop opens, there will be a bright blue button with the invitation to “Add your link” below, but be sure to read all about it, first:


  • This party is for flash fiction, short stories, whimsical poetry of any length, artwork or illustrations, or photography. Just write a post on your own blog – then, when the party starts and the bright blue “Add your link” button appears, click it and add your link!
  • All posts shared here must be original and suitable for all readers 13 and up. This means no graphic sex, violence, nudity, obscenity (a mild swear word you’d hear in middle school is okay) and nothing heavy, depressing, or otherwise likely to trigger negative emotions. There are just so many other places for all that – you don’t need this one.
  • Your post MUST include a link back to (Don’t even think of fibbing – the inLinkz frog always knows!)

The party runs from July 31 through the end of the year!

You can vote on the entries, too – and encourage your friends to do the same! The postest with the mostest may get a little prize or special recognition from Plot Bunny and Friends!

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Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at For more information on her children's books, please visit
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5 thoughts on “BlogHop with Plot Bunny and Friends”

  1. Well, Good luck! Take care, and LLAP. And write on! We’ll see if inspiration shoots and scores.
    Enjoy! Who knows you may do something with it.

  2. I’m with Marian….
    But, I don’t do fiction anymore- all our politicians have stolen the best and seemed to obtaining patents on the rest.

    1. You just did that to yank my chain, didn’t you, Mr. Overqualified and Lacking in a Gravatar…

      You’re right about the politicians. That’s why I haven’t quit my day job – and don’t plan to, any time soon. (Good thing I love my day job, too!)
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