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To My Dad, on Father’s Day

Thank you, Dad… …for demonstrating the importance of education, and setting a good example; …for letting me play with your monstrosity of a calculator – I would never understand the math (no doubt, to your everlasting frustration), but its resemblance to a typewriter surely had some influence on me; …for your even temper; …for taking me nice places, even when I was wearing the “Lucy” button or vying for... read more

Mother, Touchstone, Friend

We mothers – we are merely rudders, guiding our children’s ships through the storms and over the turbulent seas of life – we guide them as steadily and as best we can, but we are not the only influence that determines the outcome of the journey…

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Hi, You. You, you guys, you all, y’all, you’ens, all y’all… yes, YOU. I don’t have to say “If you’re reading this…” because I know you are. Thank you for that. Ironically, that’s one assertion I can make with certainty. If you want to quibble with it, you’ll only prove it’s true. “You” have been relegated by language and... read more

Unrealistic Expectations: Why Our Snowflakes Suffer Meltdown

One of the first articles I ran across, this morning, was from a woman bemoaning the fact that her children had picked up extravagant, over-the-top expectations for every holiday, real or imagined. This phenomenon isn’t as new as she thinks it is. I have slightly cringe-worthy memories of taking custom-made, white chocolate lollipops shaped like Charlie Brown’s head to school on my birthday in... read more

That Time Arnold Palmer Saved the World from Alien Zucchini

…and Didn’t Even Realize It! I was 19. My parents left the country for ten days – and left me in charge of the house, the kitchen, and two zucchini plants. My mother’s instructions went something like this: “Don’t burn down the house, don’t fall in love while we’re gone, and check on the zucchini every couple of days. It looks like a few are almost ripe, and... read more

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