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Why Do We Mourn Strangers and Celebs?

2016 is probably NOT the worst year on record for “deaths of famous people.” Baby Boomers – the largest segment of the population – are of an age where the celebrities and older people who meant something special to us during our “formative years” are dying. They were older than we were, remember; it was inevitable. We thought they’d live forever, because they... read more

Breaking “Rule 23”: A (Not So) Recent Sexual (Mis)Adventure!

Define “recent.” I could certainly make one up. I once volunteered to run an Adult Writing Workshop. I had no idea what I was signing up for – and when I realized that “Adult Writing Workshop” was a euphemism for “Erotica” or “Porn,” I just gamely carried on – I’d agreed to do it and didn’t want to admit I was young, naive, and had... read more

The Most Powerful Words We Can Say to Our Children

We lead by example. Sometimes, we lead by bad example, and “Do as I say, not as I do,” can be very sound advice to a child. But it’s not the most important or powerful phrase a parent ever uttered – it’s more of a last ditch hope that our children won’t follow in our own flawed footsteps. I believe the most powerful words we can say to our children are “I’m... read more

Rallying the Reader Troops! Reviews, Please!

Hi! I know you love to read. I love to write. It’s a match made in heaven! But I need your help. With about a billion books on Amazon, it takes reviews to get noticed. Lots and lots of reviews. A flaming metric ton of reviews, traveling down the Information Superhighway at 110 miles per hour. I’d love to read your writing, on one of those reviews. To that end, I’m practically giving away... read more


When we were little children, we had no trouble smiling great 1000-watt smiles that lit up our eyes. We’d smile at anyone who wasn’t pitching rocks and insults at us. We might even smile meek little smiles of confusion at those who were – it must surely be a game, and we simply hadn’t learned the rules, yet. We didn’t hesitate to blurt out, “You’re nice. I like... read more


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