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What I Want for My Birthday, and It Ain’t a Piece of Cake!

It all began with me saying, “No chocolate cake; please do not feed the Birthday Bear!” (No, today’s not my birthday – it’s coming up soon, but it’s not today.) Much as I LOVE that Costco Chocolate layer cake, I am even more serious about shedding some pounds before my self-imposed deadline for buying a mother-of-the-bride dress. And having just had very minor surgery... read more

Walk-a-Thons Aren’t What They Used to Be

Walking to raise money for charity is nothing, these days. By that, I don’t mean it’s not a fun and worthwhile, healthy activity that does good – just that there’s really no challenge in it if you get the same donation whether you walk or oversleep and miss the event altogether. I remember signing up for the March of Dimes twenty-Mile Walk-a-Thon, as a kid. I eagerly solicited... read more

Volunteer! Houston Food Bank

I looked at my weather app last night with a sinking feeling, and the thought, “No good deed goes unpunished…” The one thing I worried about, when committing to a shift each month at the Houston Food Bank, was that January or February might bring freezing rain. Or just that blinding, torrential downpour the Gulf Coast often gets, making the nearly 25 mile drive more stressful than it... read more

Short Story Contest

Write a new, original short story on your own blog using whatever is in your Spam or Trash folders for inspiration. (For an example, see Spammerview, but make yours different!) If you have nothing in your own Spam bucket, borrow something from Spomment of the Day. Post a link to your entry in the comments below. I will pick the one I like best and, provided the winner doesn’t mind sharing his or her... read more

Unrepentant Cancer Survivor Needs $5000 “Bail”

HOUSTON, TX – They say that living well is the best revenge. Perhaps that’s why Cancer and the Disease Coalition have urged a Houston court to raise unrepentant Houston author Holly Jahangiri’s bail to $5000 this year.

read more


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