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Help Right a Shameful Wrong: Restore National Guard Re-Enlistment Bonuses

Help right a shameful wrong. As a citizen of this country, I’m ashamed that our government is asking its servicemen and women to repay what it terms “excessive” re-enlistment bonuses promised to National Guardsmen to get them to re-enlist and serve overseas in U.S. combat operations. We honor our contracts. We honor our young men and women who serve. We punish wrongdoers, not those who... read more

Spring! 1000 Words + a Picture

Friday marks the official start of spring. What better time to restart the 1000 Words + a Picture event? They say that a picture is worth 1000 words; to a writer, those are fighting words! But to a writer with a new camera – well, surely some compromise is possible? Surely a picture plus 1000 words is even better? I just learned about’s blogging events – so I’m going... read more

Volunteer! Houston Food Bank

I looked at my weather app last night with a sinking feeling, and the thought, “No good deed goes unpunished…” The one thing I worried about, when committing to a shift each month at the Houston Food Bank, was that January or February might bring freezing rain. Or just that blinding, torrential downpour the Gulf Coast often gets, making the nearly 25 mile drive more stressful than it... read more

A Chance to Watch History in the Making

Less than a week to go! So excited to have been chosen to participate in this: For my perspective and live updates from the Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, be sure to follow me here: This will be my first time attending a NASA Social (formerly known as NASA... read more

The “Like” Diet: Going on Maintenance

It hasn’t even been a week, and already, the “Like” Diet is getting a little boring. I take great pleasure in clicking “Like” when I think no one’s looking; it’s like reaching into that big bag of chips for the third time. My friend Alice posted: “STOP TAKING THOSE STUPID QUIZZES!!! You aren’t a dog, a playwright, a stop sign, a vegetable or a grocery... read more

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