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Why Do We Mourn Strangers and Celebs?

2016 is probably NOT the worst year on record for “deaths of famous people.” Baby Boomers – the largest segment of the population – are of an age where the celebrities and older people who meant something special to us during our “formative years” are dying. They were older than we were, remember; it was inevitable. We thought they’d live forever, because they... read more

Is Religion, or Isolation and a “Lost Spirit,” the Root of Today’s Problem?

None of us have all the puzzle pieces. Can we just admit this, and admit that we don’t have all the insight, all the expert knowledge, all the divine compassion, and all the wisdom to recognize the real problem without listening to others and working together with them, let alone solve it from our Laz-E-Boy armchairs? Consider, for just a moment, the ways in which people who seem so different from... read more

Has Our World Spun Off Its Axis?

There are people who think that any disagreement with their views is unacceptable, and when they become frustrated at their inability to get the other person to “see the light,” they resort to anger and ugliness. Sometimes, the anger is understandable, even righteous. Ugliness – in the form of ad hominem attacks, bullying, crass memes, vandalism, or violence – never is. There are... read more

Oh, Brian Williams…

The brain seems to have a remarkable elasticity – remembering some details, forgetting others, and apparently rewriting whole events to suit itself without our knowledge. This isn’t the same as lying; lying is knowing the truth and deliberately covering it up with falsehood. When I was 16, my grandfather died, less than a week after I had “bargained with God” to say one last... read more


I was driving to work, one morning, feeling all caffeinated go-getter and ready to get on with it, when another driver who must’ve been feeling even more deadline driven and eager to get to work cut me off. Tempted to show off my perfectly manicured middle finger, I settled, instead, for muttering, “Asshole!” under my breath. I immediately remembered the day, many years earlier, when... read more

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