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Oh, Brian Williams…

The brain seems to have a remarkable elasticity – remembering some details, forgetting others, and apparently rewriting whole events to suit itself without our knowledge. This isn’t the same as lying; lying is knowing the truth and deliberately covering it up with falsehood. When I was 16, my grandfather died, less than a week after I had “bargained with God” to say one last... read more


I was driving to work, one morning, feeling all caffeinated go-getter and ready to get on with it, when another driver who must’ve been feeling even more deadline driven and eager to get to work cut me off. Tempted to show off my perfectly manicured middle finger, I settled, instead, for muttering, “Asshole!” under my breath. I immediately remembered the day, many years earlier, when... read more

Rote & Ritual, a Rant

I shared a post on Facebook, today – and wrote a little “rant” above a graphic that stated: “”It would be a better world if people fought as hard for every kid to have a good school lunch as they did for every kid to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.” Indeed it would. And a good education to go with that lunch. We could start by focusing on building a STRONG, LASTING... read more

Seven Things I Want My Kids to Know

“Seven things I want my kids to know”? Surely there are millions… but maybe those millions are just variations on a theme.

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Consider the Source

My mom let me discover the truth on my own. And years later, when I ‘fessed up to what I’d done, she assured me that Mrs. H. had never betrayed me to her.

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