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Breaking “Rule 22”: Complimenting the Dog

Well, this one’s going to be a bit tricky… You see, I don’t have a dog. My husband doesn’t dislike animals, but doesn’t want one in the house. Early in our marriage, he made it quite clear that I would have to choose between a husband or a pet – and so far, for more than 32 years – he has won out. It’s really not a close contest, to be honest. And having a... read more

The Most Powerful Words We Can Say to Our Children

We lead by example. Sometimes, we lead by bad example, and “Do as I say, not as I do,” can be very sound advice to a child. But it’s not the most important or powerful phrase a parent ever uttered – it’s more of a last ditch hope that our children won’t follow in our own flawed footsteps. I believe the most powerful words we can say to our children are “I’m... read more


There’s a lot of rancor on the Internet, much of it centering around social justice, race, relations and equality between men and women, sexual identity, and religion. So when someone finds a way to express frustration and drive a serious point home with good-natured humor, it tends to bring down the defenses and get people listening, talking, and maybe absorbing the point in a way that... read more

Friday! (#FF and No Passing #FAD)

Twitter has its FridayFollow, or #FF – a long-standing tradition of recommending people we think are worth following on Twitter. What’s often missing is the “why” – after all, why wouldn’t you just take my word for it? There are lists, of course – carefully vetted lists – of people you absolutely must follow on Twitter. For example, Huffington Post has their... read more

Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

This past weekend, I flew to Dallas to meet my friends, three of my sisters by choice (members of the list that Hadass wrote about in Gratitude and a List) – Hadass, Debra, Ceci – and Katie, my daughter, who drove in from north Texas to hang out with us and meet her “aunties.” Though the visit was too short, and we were missing so many of our sisters, we had a marvelous time... read more

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