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The Twisting of Genres is the New World Order

Years ago, there were only a handful of genres. In fact, you could count them on your hands. This fact held true for literature as well as music. Both art forms have evolved over the years and those old-guard rules simply no longer apply. Readers have risen above the stodginess of tradition and expect more. But how did this happen? When did “genre” become such a pliable, ever-morphing term? I’m fairly... read more

Sunny Pi Day Nature Walk

I woke up in darkness, well before dawn, and felt giddy at the sight of clear, white light streaming through the slats in the blinds. I pulled them apart, just to be sure it wasn’t the next door neighbor’s floodlight, or the searchlight on some rogue drone – both more likely than clear skies, stars, and moonlight after two solid weeks of rain – and there it was. The moon. I still... read more


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