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Mission Possible! Resurrect the Zombie Blog

It’s official. I’ve killed my blog. But no pity parties – I do this every few years. I must have a Messianic complex, because I have so much fun resurrecting the thing. Sometimes, of course, I do it just by pushing the wrong button.  Hence, the “2013” in the URL – I very creatively named it for the year of its last resurrection from the ashes of my nuclear annihilation... read more

Another Day of Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k)

The grocery list wasn’t long, so I decided to take a tote bag and walk the half mile or so to the store. It was an easy, pleasant walk. Even the return trip wasn’t hard, despite a few pounds of potatoes, bananas, cream cheese, and other produce. Always make sure the tote can be slung over one or both shoulders! It wasn’t a 5k, not by a longshot. I put up the groceries and headed back... read more

Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) in NW Houston, TX

Don’t worry if this is the first you’ve heard of the Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) – I just heard about it yesterday! You can still join in the fun until Sunday, September 25, because unless you’re an Automattic employee, there’s no organized event and you still have over 24 hours! I’ve been working to increase my overall fitness – mainly to lose weight and... read more

Collaborative Writing for Fun

Remember those campfire stories, where one person starts: “It was a dark, chilly night…” The next person adds something new: “…when Peter found himself lost in the spooky woods…” And someone else pipes up: “…where the sudden hoot of an owl startled him, and…” “…he tripped, and rolled to the bottom of the ravine…”... read more


Her Authorship and The King of Forbearance got onto a smaller, commuter train bound for Sitges. There, they would catch a taxi to their home away from home for the week to come. Once a year or so, The King’s family got together for something they called a “reunion.” Plot Bunny and Herman just thought of it as an adventure, for as close as this particular family is, it’s like they... read more

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