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“Her Authorship is going to Paris and Barcelona, and she didn’t buy us tickets?” said Herman Hootabout, flitting to the top of the open backpack and peering into the half-empty compartment. “I’m sure she meant to,” said Plot Bunny. “It must have been an oversight.” PB hopped atop the open backpack next to the wise little owl. “This might actually be... read more

BlogHop with Plot Bunny and Friends

“Hey, Your Authorship, let’s have an end-of-summer party!” Her Authorship peers over the rim of her glasses at Plot Bunny, Herman the Hootie, and Jam. “What did you have in mind, PB?” “I was thinking we could have a bunnyhop for fun-loving fiction writers, poets, and artists to share their creative work and get more links back to their own blogs. Kind of like an online... read more

Walk-a-Thons Aren’t What They Used to Be

Walking to raise money for charity is nothing, these days. By that, I don’t mean it’s not a fun and worthwhile, healthy activity that does good – just that there’s really no challenge in it if you get the same donation whether you walk or oversleep and miss the event altogether. I remember signing up for the March of Dimes twenty-Mile Walk-a-Thon, as a kid. I eagerly solicited... read more

Plot Bunny and Friends

If we’re not connected on Instagram, you may not have met my little friends, yet. What author doesn’t have a Plot Bunny or three foraging in their brain, hopping across their keyboard, or dancing – the bunny hop, of course – across their desk? Plot bunnies in their heads, plot bunnies in their beds… Of course, we also need wisdom: a wise old owl perched on one shoulder,... read more

Virtual Reality

Last month, on my birthday, I watched “The Martian” on the moon. I went surfing in Hawaii. I flew over an active volcano. My family gets me! Well, sort of. It was breathtaking, but very, very safe. I tried to jam a pencil into the lava flow – next best thing to poking hot lava with a stick, right? – and that’s where the illusion, slightly pixellated, ended. I stopped just... read more

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