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Curing Kitchen Clutter

I’m a bit of a clutterbug. My husband just raises a skeptical eyebrow when I point to photos of Einstein’s messy desk as proof of my mad genius. If shelves overflowing with books makes me a “hoarder,” I reject all calls for an intervention. But when it comes to our shared spaces, like the kitchen, I’ll concede that the man has a point. When an opportunity arose to try some... read more

Toby, by Hazel Mitchell

When a young boy and his father move from one house to another, they decide to adopt a dog from the local rescue shelter. But their chosen dog, Toby, is having a tough time adjusting to his new life outside the shelter—howling all night, hiding fearfully from his new humans, forgetting where to go to the bathroom, and chasing a ball through the flower bed. The boy has promised to train his new companion,... read more

Gorillas in the Glass

Gorilla Glass. Just the name brings up images of zoo animals running rampant through panes of ordinary glass, shaking their fur free of glistening shards of the stuff, until the gorilla in the lead bonks his nose on Corning’s now ubiquitous “Gorilla Glass.” We’re up to Gorilla Glass 5, now, apparently, and Facebook tells me it might be prone to scratches. I check; the phone... read more

Great Replacement Fast Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 since last year, and I still love it. And I love the fast charging capability of this mobile phone, but I was soon searching for a replacement fast charger. I’d sworn off Android phones, back when I got rid of my Garminfone, years ago. Garmin makes top-notch GPS navigation systems (which was about the only thing that ever worked well on that phone), and... read more

ChinUp Firming & Contouring Mask Kit

“Sure, I’ll make a fool of myself in the name of beauty!” Well, it’s better than my old ballet teacher’s maxim, “Beauty must suffer!” Suffering is for ninnies. We only get one life – enjoy it. That said – and this goes for you gents, too, because I know you’re reading this – if someone said you could lose 1-2cm of “chin fat”... read more

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