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Equipment Check! Signings, Social Media Events, and Travel Checklist

Know what you need, where it is, and how to use it – before you need it. Do an equipment check – both to ensure that you have everything you need and that it’s in good, working order prior to your event or travel. It’s also a good idea to keep a packing list when you travel, to ensure that everything you brought with you is accounted for and packed for the return trip. Well,... read more

Reverse Search: For Everything (and Everyone) You’d Rather Lose

Facebook, this morning, decided that I should search for Donald Trump, based on the posts I’d interacted with. Once I got past the visual of me batting around a Facebook post like a cat bats around a mouse, two things occurred to me: First, this is the problem with companies assuming they know you so well, based on your online shopping patterns and behaviors. (Arguably, my credit card company has me... read more

Books: The Power of Pixels, the Virtue of Dead Trees

I will confess, here and now, that I love my nook and Kindle devices. I knew that I would not like the look or feel of a tablet, for reading – though many do – ┬áso I bought the eInk versions and invested in nice, leather covers for both of them, so that the sensation of holding a real book would still be there. Over time, the leather has taken on the smell of the real books it’s kept... read more

Reasonable Blog Automation for Shameless Self-Promotion

This is no field of dreams. It’s a blog, and the one universal truth in blogging is that the saying, “build it, and they will come” is utter nonsense. “Shameless self-promotion” is required. This is different from “obnoxiously flogging that system for making money in your sleep,” or “shouting out the virtues of your $47 turn-key system for blogging wealth... read more

Artistic Impulses

One of the things I’ve been enjoying on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that it isn’t just a PDA with a stylus and handwriting recognition – it’s a pressure sensitive drawing tablet. It’s turned out to be not only a phone, but also a relaxing, creative outlet that is both fun and practical, in spite of its relatively small screen. It’s about the size of a very small... read more

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