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How to Succeed in Twitter Without Really Trying

Following a discussion on LinkedIN’s group The Blog Zone – Where Bloggers Discuss Blogging, fearless leader Joseph Higginbotham wrote this brilliant, if cynical, article, “How To Get 50,000 Twitter Followers By Mastering Memes.” Bring an umbrella; the sarcasm’s dripping – but if you read between the lines, you’ll see that Higginbotham does not hold back any pearls... read more

Weights and Measures

Call it obsessive. Call it a symptom of our metrics-driven society. Call it overkill. I caught myself, the other day, wishing I could weigh all the ingredients I put into my bowl at Genghis Grill. I estimated. I’m actually pretty good at estimating, these days, but I have been determined to track everything accurately (and losing 14 lbs in a month is pretty strong evidence that it’s not a bad... read more

Decluttering: Use It or Lose It

I used to have a rule: “If you haven’t used it in six months and don’t see yourself using it in the next six months, toss it.” Ouch. I’m not exactly on the short list of people likely to be featured on the TV show, “Hoarders.” But I’m clearly failing my inner Buddhist monk in his struggle to give up attachments. My inner Scarlet O’Hara is happy to... read more

A Chance to Watch History in the Making

Less than a week to go! So excited to have been chosen to participate in this: For my perspective and live updates from the Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, be sure to follow me here: This will be my first time attending a NASA Social (formerly known as NASA... read more

How to Create Custom Document Properties in Word 2010

Learn how to create a custom document property in Microsoft Word 2010, and how to use it as a variable in a manuscript.

read more

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