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And Then, One Day, They Just Stopped Growing…

The first thing I noticed was the ridges. Vertical lines, from the base of my fingernails to the tips. A bit like the grooves on a vinyl record – nothing too deep or obvious. My nails had always been pliable, bendable, more likely to tear like paper than to break or snap. That had changed; they’d become a bit brittle. Thinner, but drier and more prone to break than to tear. And they appeared... read more

Walk-a-Thons Aren’t What They Used to Be

Walking to raise money for charity is nothing, these days. By that, I don’t mean it’s not a fun and worthwhile, healthy activity that does good – just that there’s really no challenge in it if you get the same donation whether you walk or oversleep and miss the event altogether. I remember signing up for the March of Dimes twenty-Mile Walk-a-Thon, as a kid. I eagerly solicited... read more

Recurrent Corneal Erosions

What was I saying about small victories, big celebrations? Yeah, forget that. Recurrent corneal erosions don’t give up that easily, apparently. We’ve moved on to phase three of the battle, and it’s getting ugly. This, in addition to my spat with Facebook, is why I haven’t been around as much, lately. Sometimes, my eyes are really hypersensitive to light emanating from a phone or... read more

RCE: Small Victories Deserve Big Celebrations!

You may remember my champagne celebration when I relearned how to walk down stairs using alternating left-right feet after breaking my ankle Memorial Day weekend. That was huge. Oh, the things we take for granted! The things we forget to be thankful for. Recently, I’ve been able to squat down low enough to grab things from the lowest cabinets, although staying down for any length of time – as... read more

Real Self-Confidence

Self confidence is inner peace. It is a deep-seated belief in yourself; it is contentment with who and what you are. It is not the misguided belief that you are perfect, or somehow better than others. It is not a delusional belief that there is no room for growth or improvement. It is not “attitude.” Self-confident people are able to take criticism with an open mind and a grain of salt. Years... read more

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