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ChinUp Firming & Contouring Mask Kit

“Sure, I’ll make a fool of myself in the name of beauty!” Well, it’s better than my old ballet teacher’s maxim, “Beauty must suffer!” Suffering is for ninnies. We only get one life – enjoy it. That said – and this goes for you gents, too, because I know you’re reading this – if someone said you could lose 1-2cm of “chin fat”... read more

Dry Eyes and Fire-Breathing, Eyeball-Munching Bugs

About a month ago, I was violently roused from a deep sleep by a pain that, once imagined as “eyeball-eating, microscopic slug beetles rolling across the eyeball, defecating bits of ground glass,” was hard to think of as anything else. Certainly nothing as mundane as “dry eyes.” I told my doctor I was pretty sure I had pink-eye. In truth, I was pretty sure the glass-pooping dung... read more

In a Parallel Universe…

1984 My husband and I were officially engaged on May 26, 1984, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was the eve of the historic “Memorial Day Flood.” Worst on record. We set the date for our wedding on June 9. We celebrated with a delectable leg of lamb, new potatoes, and champagne. My mother had said, when I pulled out all the bridal magazines: “Please – I do not want to hear all your planning... read more

Sunny Pi Day Nature Walk

I woke up in darkness, well before dawn, and felt giddy at the sight of clear, white light streaming through the slats in the blinds. I pulled them apart, just to be sure it wasn’t the next door neighbor’s floodlight, or the searchlight on some rogue drone – both more likely than clear skies, stars, and moonlight after two solid weeks of rain – and there it was. The moon. I still... read more

Weight Off My Mind

Friday nights are “date nights” and “splurge nights” and, in the immortal words sung by Edith Piaf:   And splurge, I did. The Lamb Churrasco with two Sazerac cocktails, fried calamari and other assorted appetizers and tidbits, and half the Tres Leches dessert turned out to be about two days’ worth of calories. Then there were the Valentine’s Day truffles. Did my... read more

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