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Not All Shareworthy Images & Text Are Destined to Become Memes

We all want to “create a meme” or “publish viral content.” But it’s like creating “literary classics.” You don’t create “literary classics”; you write great stories and hope they stand the test of time. You hope that people like them enough to share them. You hope that a lot of people like them enough to share them with all their friends, who... read more

Old Whiskey Nose

Lana leaned back against the sloping concrete, listening to the sound of water leaping over rocks and discarded tin cans in the rain-swollen creek. She lifted the camera and photographed the huge nests nestled between the beams and girders overhead. She carefully photographed last night’s graffiti, noting the distinctive artistic styles and color choices of her favorite local artists. She wished she... read more

Make Something of Lasting Value

This exercise in crafting a #bucketlist from A to Z has clarified something I already knew: It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and I am content with what I’ve already experienced in life. That’s not to say that I don’t have several lifetimes’ worth of experiences I’d enjoy, but I don’t feel there’s anything – other than poking hot lava with a stick... read more

A Spring Walk in the 100 Acre Wood

My son’s come home for a break from his university studies, and today we took a walk in the 100 Acre Wood. We hiked nearly four miles, together, talking and taking photos, and it was good to have him home. We got a bit lost, exploring the nature preserve, avoiding the dirt bike paths as best we could. We couldn’t go too far afield in any direction, so we weren’t too alarmed at being... read more

5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 4)

Today’s B&W Challenge post is a study in glass, water, light, and shadow. While it’s not a great image, it was an interesting exercise. Literally. I lay down under the glass top table in the dining room and, unsure of whether I’d manage to get back up on my own again, contemplated what it must be like to be a turtle. Or a pheasant. Under glass. I don’t think I’ve ever... read more

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