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5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 3)

Today’s black and white photo is stolen from white and pink. I’m calling it “Mineral for Animal and Vegetable,” which gives you a huge clue as to what this close-up is all about. Think you know? Leave your guess in the comments. Its grainy look has nothing to do with my photographic skill; it’s naturally grainy, powdery, irregular, and you’re seeing it through a layer... read more

5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 2)

A few years ago, we explored the Art Institute of Chicago. They have an amazing collection – Trip Advisor claims they’re the #1 Museum in the World. I’d quibble, unless they were hosting that delicious Chocolate Exhibit again. But that’s tantamount to bribery! I’ve always been partial to the Museum of Science and Industry – also in Chicago. I love art, but I can’t... read more

5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 1)

Cheryle of Lightwalker’s Blog has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge. It is a lovely white gauntlet, by the way – I pick it up off the dusty, gray earth, brush it off, and hand it back to her. “You had only to ask…” It’s late, but I’m eager to play. I think about the word “challenge” and feel drawn... read more

Spring! 1000 Words + a Picture

Friday marks the official start of spring. What better time to restart the¬†1000 Words + a Picture event? They say that a picture is worth 1000 words; to a writer, those are fighting words! But to a writer with a new camera – well, surely some compromise is possible? Surely a picture plus 1000 words is even better? I just learned about’s blogging events – so I’m going... read more

Sunny Pi Day Nature Walk

I woke up in darkness, well before dawn, and felt giddy at the sight of clear, white light¬†streaming through the slats in the blinds. I pulled them apart, just to be sure it wasn’t the next door neighbor’s floodlight, or the searchlight on some rogue drone – both more likely than clear skies, stars, and moonlight after two solid weeks of rain – and there it was. The moon. I still... read more

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