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Hike WHO? Oh, Haiku!

It’s a wonder the Japanese haven’t squished us with the giant flyswatter of disdain for grossly oversimplifying haiku. “Oh, it’s easy! Just three lines. First line’s got five syllables, next has seven, last one’s got five. See? Anyone can write haiku.” Cultural appropriation at its worst, if you ask me. Rarely is it mentioned to the budding poet-blossom that... read more

Falling Leaves and Water

Just for fun, I signed up for WordPress University’s “Writing: Intro to Poetry.” Of course, if you’re expecting me to follow the lessons like an obedient little student, writing, as the first assignment suggests, a “haiku about water,” then you don’t know me at all. Poke around this blog a bit… In all fairness, it’s been a while since I wrote any... read more

It’s…Different on the Inside

We began to roll out of the driveway. Emmett examined the dashboard with great interest.He fiddled with the AC knob and radio seek buttons, startling himself as the radio landed on a rather loud Death Metal station. “First car trip?” I asked. There would likely be a lot of firsts, all within the first hour or two of our road trip. Emmett nodded. Though he was a little scrunched over there in... read more

Change is the Only Constant

I have a love/hate relationship with poetry – certainly with poetry that takes itself far too seriously, extending the notion that poets are a fragile, sensitive, breakable lot, rather than people who paint and puzzle with words, stretch their meaning, invoke in readers mental pictures without benefit of long, descriptive passages in prose – I prefer to think of us as a playful bunch, and cut... read more

I Never Believed in Writer’s Block, But Now…

You win. I choose the cool breeze that wanders, whistling, wending through the drooping leaves and brittle branches, ruffling feathers causing the wisest of wise old owls to cock its head and glance askew scarcely believing I’ve run out of things to say. “Who…you?”     Please share this... read more


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