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Her Authorship and The King of Forbearance got onto a smaller, commuter train bound for Sitges. There, they would catch a taxi to their home away from home for the week to come. Once a year or so, The King’s family got together for something they called a “reunion.” Plot Bunny and Herman just thought of it as an adventure, for as close as this particular family is, it’s like they... read more

Garish Lions

Plot Bunny and Herman Hootabout were excited. Mostly about breakfast. Neither could complain that Her Authorship didn’t feed them well, and the morning they left Paris was no exception. While The King of Forebearance insisted on ordering “American coffee” to go with his Continental Breakfast, Her Authorship insisted on shortchanging herself every time – ordering “traditional... read more

Time to Fly!

Once they made it past security, the Stowaways began to wriggle and cough and draw attention to Her Authorship’s backpack. She unzipped the compartment in which they had hidden, and they popped up gasping dramatically for air. “Oh, I thought we’d never make it!” “PB, Herman, we’re not there, yet. We’re still in Houston.” Her Authorship laughed.... read more


“Her Authorship is going to Paris and Barcelona, and she didn’t buy us tickets?” said Herman Hootabout, flitting to the top of the open backpack and peering into the half-empty compartment. “I’m sure she meant to,” said Plot Bunny. “It must have been an oversight.” PB hopped atop the open backpack next to the wise little owl. “This might actually be... read more

BlogHop with Plot Bunny and Friends

“Hey, Your Authorship, let’s have an end-of-summer party!” Her Authorship peers over the rim of her glasses at Plot Bunny, Herman the Hootie, and Jam. “What did you have in mind, PB?” “I was thinking we could have a bunnyhop for fun-loving fiction writers, poets, and artists to share their creative work and get more links back to their own blogs. Kind of like an online... read more

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