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Plot Bunny and Friends

If we’re not connected on Instagram, you may not have met my little friends, yet. What author doesn’t have a Plot Bunny or three foraging in their brain, hopping across their keyboard, or dancing – the bunny hop, of course – across their desk? Plot bunnies in their heads, plot bunnies in their beds… Of course, we also need wisdom: a wise old owl perched on one shoulder,... read more

Antisocial? I Know I Am, But What Are You?

My dad brought me a box of memorabilia that included my grade school “memory book.” Tucked into its pages was an assessment letter from my Kindergarten teacher: July 1, 1969 Dear Mr. and Mrs. F______: Holly has been a dignified, rather inflexible, and self-centered kindergartener. It is very difficult for her to project beyond herself. She moves from one close friendship to another but her inability to... read more

Lake Tahoe, My Waterloo

Don’t get me wrong: Heavenly is Heavenly. But it is also my nemesis, my Waterloo – the mountain that may just be trying to shove me a little closer to Heaven, a little faster than I care to go. This year’s family reunion was held at Lake Tahoe – within easy walking distance of the face of Heavenly. About 30 years ago, I came here with my family – my grandmother, my parents,... read more


Is it cheating to say, “I’ve done this – more than once – but I wanna go again!”? Not just parasailing, of course, but parasailing upside down. Is there any other way? I can’t believe my mom had to twist my arm to do this, initially. She loved parasailing, and asked if she could take her granddaughter, Katie. She invited me to go along, of course, but I wasn’t... read more

Ocean Dreams

“The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Throughout history, the ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration.” And yet, “To date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean.”... read more

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