ChinUp Firming & Contouring Mask Kit

“Sure, I’ll make a fool of myself in the name of beauty!” Well, it’s better than my old ballet teacher’s maxim, “Beauty must suffer!” Suffering is for ninnies. We only get one life – enjoy it.

That said – and this goes for you gents, too, because I know you’re reading this – if someone said you could lose 1-2cm of “chin fat” (I’m really hoping this means “early signs of droopy jowls” and “double chin removal”) painlessly, non-surgically, in just 30 minutes twice in a week, would you try it?

“I’m game!” said I. “Video of my puffy morning face? Sure thing!” I exclaimed. Grab your coffee and let’s see if the new ChinUp Firming & Contouring Mask “non-surgical facelift” is all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve opted not to share the video – not because it’s hilariously embarrassing, but because the lighting was awful and you can’t really see anything. Maybe I’ll try again on the follow-up treatment in a few days!

What the Kit Contains



Here Goes…

There are two masks in the sample kit I received, and it is recommended to use every couple of days or so, in order to get the full benefit. This is Day One.

Can I be forgiven for misreading ChinUp Mask as “chipmunk mask”? You’ll see… I think I can. Here’s a “before” picture – measuring my “chin fat” (26.8 cm):


The first thing you notice (besides the pushed up cheeks and unintentional pouty lips) is a warming sensation that is quite pleasant. This is from something called Corum 9235 (a safe “warming agent” that is gentler than others, like Capsicum). This is the ingredient that is supposed to stimulate microcirculation and absorption of the serum.  It never feels as though it’s burning or even tingling – and I have very sensitive skin. Even most “hypoallergenic” and “extra gentle” lotions burn, initially, if I put them on my face. This says “for all skin types,” and it’s certainly fine for mine.

The other key ingredients include Vitamin E, Q10 Coenzyme, and “Skintronics™” serum, which ChinUp claims, “converts fat into stabilized fibrous tissue and eases the edema under the cheeks, jaw and chin. It helps boost the density of collagen and cell tension, instantly lifting and firming up to 20%.”


The mask itself is a big snug and looks utterly ridiculous. Fortunately, you don’t have to post pictures of yourself wearing it on the Internet, or go to work with it on. It’s easy enough to put on, and it’s not uncomfortable – just silly looking.


I wonder if it comes in purple? Purple would be better. To quote The Beast, “I look stupid.”

Forty minutes later – the moment of truth!



I did not have those tiny wrinkles before! Wait! Oh, that’s just indentations from the chin strap. It’s all good – they’re gone within a few minutes.

The bad news: I measured again, as instructed, and still 26.8 cm. Exactly.

The good news: My skin feels smoother and tighter. There’s no hint of irritation; the serum feels lovely and my skin feels brighter and refreshed. I’m going to try this again in a few days – they suggest a couple of times a week may be needed to see results. Maybe by then, I’ll figure out how to do a video!


The bad news: I still suck at making videos.

The good news: It was suggested to measure under the chin, as well – you know, basically to measure the second chin – and that, I’m happy to report, lost 1.5cm after the second application. (That is, just ONE application = loss of 1.5cm from the second of the “double chins.”) That’s not half bad!  I also measured the same way I did the first time – around the jawline from ear to ear – and still no change there at all. But who isn’t more interested in reducing the sagging skin below the jawline, anyway!?

Here’s the not-so-terrifying version of “morning face”:



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    1. Hahaha!! Wow, that’s the nicest reaction I’ve ever heard to an “infomercial”! I do like to try things out and share the results here. I’m not overly disappointed with the results – and I’m hopeful that in a few days, the next application will show something more impressive. But if not, oh well – we could say, “It smells lovely, feels good, and didn’t melt my face off!” Yay!

      I didn’t want to waste any of that serum, so I used the leftover glop on the rest of my face. Here’s hoping I didn’t speak too soon about the melting thing – but no, I’m serious about it not being irritating, which is good. I’ve even had Vaseline Intensive Care burn like a you-know-what right after washing my face.
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