Short Story Contest Winner!

I got three wonderful entries to the short story contest I ran a few days ago!

Notice! by Dani J Caile

Detention at S.P.A.M.S. by Kathleen O.

Escort! by Ramana Rajgopaul

What’s funny is that I have run contests, in the past, giving lots more time and larger prizes, and received few if any entries – but this time, I gave entrants only a couple of days to scour their spam folders and use whatever they found to create an original short story – and three of you stepped forward with entries that had me in stitches.

Couldn’t make it easy on me to pick a winner, could you?

Dani’s entry, a 150 word flash story, was a tight, quick read. It almost sounded like a conversation that might actually happen – in real life – at least in Spammerview.

Ramana’s entry – non-fiction, I suspect – gave a little glimpse into the history of spam and misdirected marketing attempts. It reminds me of how my grandmother’s home number was one digit off the local pizza delivery number, and people would argue with her about whether they’d called the right number and whether she ought to bring them a pizza.

Kathleen’s entry, finally, was my favorite – she managed to wring a full short story from her spam bucket, and the long-suffering Effie Older deserves a good book (or whatever Kathleen chooses from Amazon to share with her) to unwind after pulling double duty supervising the wayward at S.P.A.M.S.  Congratulations, Kathleen! Leave a comment here, using your preferred email address in the email field (I’m the only one who will see it) so I can send you your Amazon certificate!


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14 thoughts on “Short Story Contest Winner!”

  1. Hi Holly,
    I love reading your posts! There’s a lot going on in your world.
    I’m also starting to notice Author Profiles at the end of posts. Your is the second I’ve seen. It’s really good because it stands out and is part of your brand. I am going to check with my technician and see how I can set one up.
    Amy B recently posted…My Biggest SupporterMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Amy! I enjoy yours, as well.

      Is your site running wordpress? It’s the Starbox plug-in. I think you’ll like it, if you’re able to use it.

      I can’t honestly take credit for all the “branding.” I have readers here who look out for my best interests, reminding me to do things like “stick your Amazon link in there, you silly ninny!” Nice to have a little nudge now and then, eh?
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Short Story Contest Winner!My Profile

      1. Wrote that reply rather late I see. I really like the idea of offering your readers a contest. It’s a change from the ordinary blog where the blogger writes.

  2. These stories were really fun to read. Makes me wish I’d found your writing contest earlier. What a great idea. So, where is your story???? Mine, I’m afraid, would be a little sad for someone I know fell in love with a spammer.

    1. MY story is “Spammerview” – there’s a link, here. I wrote it a few years ago, and it was so much fun I had to give others a nudge to try it. You can’t always STOP spam, but it can be fun to mock. And you can end up with a surprisingly fun story, if you use it as a “writing prompt.” Why don’t you write yours, anyway? I’ll add a link to it, if you do. I’d love to read it.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Short Story Contest Winner!My Profile

  3. Holly, no, the spam is genuine and the story is just that something I quickly made up at the spur of the moment. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in a story writing contest. The first one that I have ever participated in.
    Rummuser recently posted…Reaction And Response.My Profile

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