Cowgirls Don’t Scare Off Easy!

“How would you create a country chic, western themed corner in your house?”

My lack of interior decorating talent is legendary, and “western themed” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Then I learned about the western decor project from Kristin of King Ranch Saddle Shop. She followed up a week later, asking if I’d given the project any thought. I wrote back, “I’m intrigued, but also amused – I am not sure I’m the right person for this venture. Mainly because I have nothing “western themed” in my home.” I reread her first email more closely, and continued: “I misread your first email and thought you were asking how I would create a western themed kitchen. I started thinking about cattle brands, and my husband started getting a bit nervous.”

Warming to my subject, but still thinking, Kristin, you can’t possibly be serious about this, I added, “My first thought was how uncomfortable my barstools are. I got very intrigued with the idea of replacing all the seats with saddles. My second choice would be the Outback Barstool. But honestly, the bar just isn’t a focal point of our home so it’s a bit pricey—I’d need at least two, and that really puts a dent in my savings towards a faithful replica of the Resolute Desk – and chair to go with it, of course. The saddles would at least be a conversation starter. Added bonus: the kids would be fooled into thinking they were finally getting that pony, and might be motivated to clean their rooms!”

I  thought seriously about this for a few minutes, and wondered if I could pull it off. “There is the question of how to secure the saddles to the existing barstools. Hot glue gun to the rescue, am I right? You know I’m right.” I hit Send.

I was sure that would scare her off, but no…

Kristin came back suggesting I do something small, maybe something with cowboy boots. “I believe we all have a creative streak deep in our DNA but the idea to replace all the seats with saddle definitely take everything to the next level!” And, she added, “you don’t need to be an expert in interior design to create even a small western themed corner in your house. By the way, I loved how you decorated your mantel during the Christmas Holiday!”

I’m pretty sure she meant this one and not this one, though the latter is more my style.

I peeked in at the King Ranch Saddle Shop at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Such a variety of cool western stuff, from clothing to books to saddles to boots – it was great to see all the items I’d been perusing and daydreaming about in their online catalog. “I have to get cowgirl boots,” I explained to my husband. I have to get #RodeoReady! Knowing me as he does, he just gave me a loooooong look while wondering whether to have the nice G-Men from Area 51 come haul me away for vivisection. “It’s for the blog,” I said, laughing.

“You can borrow my cowboy boots, if you think they’ll fit.”

I grinned. “They probably would, but I’m just going to experiment with them as home decor.” Love is letting your wife use your cowboy boots as a flowerpot, or a kitchen utensil holder.


Nice as those King Ranch saddles were – and oh, my God, I’ve ridden horseback but never on a saddle as soft and cushy on the tushy as those Dick and Bob Kleburg saddles!! – I knew that if I were to decorate anything “western themed” I would have to truly make it my own. And I glanced back up at the mantel decor that Kristin had admired, making a mental note to remove the poinsettias and the Furby, now that it was March, and realized that cowboy boots would make awesome bookends!

So here’s what I came up with, and I like it so much that I may keep it up until my husband demands his boots back:


One of these days, I’m going to have to make it out to the King Ranch and take a tour. It’s not even all that far from me!


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4 thoughts on “Cowgirls Don’t Scare Off Easy!”

  1. Or… We could go STEAL the desk!
    (Cue Mission Impossible Theme Music here!)

    But I like the desk idea.
    And those boots look cool, but are old.
    And besides, you now can buy super hubby a new pair of boots for xmas… (I am truly diabolical!)

    But I want the desk, too.

    How how about a custom, hand made desk, or coffee table, or bedroom set from here:

    Dave is an old buddy.

  2. That’s super cute! I saw (a while back) a front door wreath made using a cowboy boot and I SO wanted to do it. But…cowboy boots are dang pricey! lol So that’s been put off for now 😉

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