Drive to Dine, Drink, and Demolish

D was more difficult than I imagined it would be. I recruited my husband’s help, on this one – and it’s probably going to get me put on a list, somewhere. But since his suggestion of “dunk a basketball” was met with heavy sighs, eye-rolling, and “you surely know me better than that,” he shifted into high gear and proved he does.

“Drive a Lamborghini?”

“No!” I have visions of denting the damned thing and throwing up in the driver’s seat.

“Drag racing?”

I laughed. Almost tempting, but not really. A few laps around the Daytona 500 – on a slow day? Sure, maybe, why not. No – that’s the most boring 2.5 mile oval ever invented, and after biking around it for 33 miles, I should know. “Nope. What could I drive that’s actually…interesting?”

“Drive a locomotive?”

“Oh, hell yes. But do you think anyone would ever let me do that?” I’m convinced there’s a locomotive driver’s union, somewhere, and this is definitely against their rules. But J.J. seems to think there’s hope… maybe there’s an old steam engine somewhere, on a side track, that gets trotted out for special occasions – so why not? Call it an aspirational goal. And shouldn’t they all be? “But what if they don’t?”

“Destroy? Demolish?”

I narrow my eyes at him. And slowly smile. I imagine pushing the button that touches off the implosion of an old building; shoving down the plunger that blows the TNT to carve a tunnel through the mountain; or taking a sledgehammer or an AK-47 to an old StairMaster. “That could work.”

Other ideas included “dance at a ball during the Salzburg Music Festival,” or “create an exotic signature drink,” or “dine on–” Wait, what weird food have I not tried, yet – that I might actually want to try? I’m open to suggestions. Leave them in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “Drive to Dine, Drink, and Demolish”

  1. Husbands are sure full of ideas aren’t they? Actually mine really did give me some insight lately for the challenge and I had to admit gratitude 🙂 Great post!

    1. Oh, yes – I asked mine for the help. And he did clarify that he meant drag racing on an actual track – my brain went to the local activity that takes place, almost nightly, around 1-2 AM. He never imagined me to think like such a little law-breaker. I could do that. My risk-aversion tends to involve harm to others – I’m actually pretty adventurous if I’m reasonably sure it can’t hurt anyone BUT me.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Drive to Dine, Drink, and DemolishMy Profile

    1. Sounds yummy, but violates my “no prions” rule. (Or carries a serious risk of prions that I find unacceptable. Brain matter – any species – is therefore out of the running.) But crickets…

      I can’t even claim never to have eaten a bug. I distinctly remember proving my dad right, once, running with my mouth open. I swallowed a fly. But “eat a bug on purpose” could work.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…A Spring Walk in the 100 Acre WoodMy Profile

    1. I should think so! (Of course, I’d only want to work with an awesome demolition crew to bring down an old building that was MEANT to be brought down! I do want to be very clear about that. LOL) I have to admit, though, it makes me a little sick to my stomach watching building implosion videos in urban areas – I’m always sure something’s going to go horribly wrong and take out the buildings on either side. I think I’m too empathetic, or something, but I always hold my breath and put myself in the shoes of the guy who owns one of those OTHER buildings!

  2. I’d like to take a spin in a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. Drag Racing sounds fun. I don’t want to do laps, I’d be too worried about losing control at such a high speed.

    I REALLY want to demolish something. I remember when ABC had that Home Makeover show and the crew would come up with creative ways to destroy the old house. I always wanted to be the one with the sledge hammer taking out walls.

    1. There’s a place across from the Galleria that sells Lamborghinis… I do think you have to put down a hefty deposit to test drive one, but it’s doable!

      So, Mia, if I ever get an old StairMaster and an Uzi, I take it you’re in?
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