Flaming Red Pen of Death™ Award

What Is the Flaming Red Pen of Death™ Award?

This award will be given to the bloggers who exemplify the spirit of the Red Pen of Death™ by consistently exhibiting at least 5 of the following traits:

  • Ruthless honesty in writing;
  • A knack for irresistibly engaging the reader, compelling him or her to immediately act – or at least to leave thought-provoking comments;
  • Ability to argue one or, preferably, both sides of an argument effectively, without being wishy-washy or Namby Pamby as to which one they agree with;
  • Ability to make clear distinctions between personal opinions and assertions of fact;
  • Ability to distinguish truth from cruelty, tact from “political correctness,” and worth from popularity;
  • Unflinching appreciation when presented with constructive criticism, and the ability to let hateful negativity fall off their shoulders like chocolate cupcakes off a well-greased pan;
  • Fearlessness and uncompromising honesty when giving constructive criticism, coupled with the ability to find something positive and encouraging to say without “sugar coating” the truth.

How is the Winner Chosen?

Nominations are open now for the 2015 recipients of the Flaming Red Pen of Death™ Award. There will be no indiscriminate passing of the flaming pen – this is not a blogging meme award you hand out to the unsuspecting and unwilling. You nominate; I choose. I reserve the right to designate additional judges should the nominations flood in.

Who is ineligible? Spammers, sploggers, scrapers, and trolls need not apply. I have the actual Flaming Red Pen of Death; therefore, I also remove myself from consideration. Nominating me, in light of this, will be seen as an attempt to bribe the judge. Don’t do it.

May I nominate myself? Yes. Some might call it tacky; I call it “self-confident.” Just be sure to provide the required supporting evidence asked for any other nominee.

Down there in the comments, tell me why you think your nominated blogger deserves the award and provide a link to their blog – along with a favorite post that you think exemplifies their worthiness for this award.

When Will the Award Be Conferred?

The winner(s) will be announced periodically, when I feel it’s justified.

All this for a stinking graphic? Yes, and bragging rights. And prestige. The blogger who wins this award will not have to write “Seven Silly Secret Things I’d Really Rather Not Divulge” nor will they be required to nominate 67 of their favorite bloggers to do the same. They can choose to display this graphic proudly – or tuck it on their hard drive and live in reclusive silence for decades. They can burn it on the tip of their own Flaming Red Pen of Death – they will have earned that right. There may be a small (very small – one might say “miniscule”) honorarium, but that will depend on my funds and any sponsors who are moved to sweeten the pot, and it’s not meant as an incentive – just a maybe-reward-after-the-fact, so don’t get your hopes up.

I am looking forward to reading your nominations.


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at http://amazon.com/author/hollyjahangiri. For more information on her children's books, please visit http://jahangiri.us/books.
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