Iceland has just about everything that’s actually on my #bucketlist: Breathtakingly gorgeous scenery, waterfalls, auroras, volcanoes, and a distinct lack of overcrowding. It also has one of my sisters-by-choice, Asdis, and my favorite photographer, Chris Lund. Iceland is also known for it’s wool and yarn, but I suspect I’d need about six trunks to pack enough warm clothes for a camping photo tour, and to bring back all the yarn I’d want! How did I not hear about‘s contest?

The first time I ever heard of Iceland was in grade school, where they told us about the violent birth of a new island – Surtsey – off the southernmost point of Iceland. Surtsey and I are the same age, as it turns out; the island was formed on my grandfather’s birthday the year that I was born. Technically, I’m a few months older than an island.


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