If You’re Going to Be Interviewed…

…make sure your interviewer knows how to make you look good.

Mitch Mitchell has experience with these things. He not only put me at ease right away, but said something at the start of our “Google Hangout On Air” that made me feel really brave. I’ll just leave that out as a teaser to get you to watch the video:

2 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Be Interviewed…”

    1. Well, you promised to make me look good, and I think you deserve most of the credit! I’m not ready to wing it, solo. But it was fun, Mitch, and it occurs to me now that there’s a personal “stretch goal” for everyone (I like to think there’s more than one, but there’s usually one that we can point to – something we haven’t done and aren’t quite sure we can or really want to, but it intrigues us and nags at us). For some, it’s skydiving. I can’t relate to that one; at one time, for me, it was jumping – then diving head first – off the high dive. BTDT. Didn’t like the sensation of free-fall and cannot imagine why anyone would want to skydive. Piloting a helicopter, maybe – and I think skydiving would be safer! But doing a video? That was on my list of scary (nothing’s impossible!) things to do before breakfast. So thanks for that.

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