Know Your Audience

“Know your audience.” That’s great advice, for a writer – but what if you find out that your audience is interested in things you thought they’d just skim over or ignore – and what if they’re really skimming and ignoring the posts you thought they’d love? If you’re reading this, please know that whoever you are and whatever brought you here, you are welcome and appreciated – you just make yourself right at home. But I apparently haven’t got a clue what you want to read more of, so you’ll have to let me know.

Just for fun, I want you to guess what my most popular post has been during the past two years. Go on, poke about, explore the archives, read a few, and then try to guess. Don’t give away the answer in the comments on this post, but do let me know if you were surprised.

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8 thoughts on “Know Your Audience”

  1. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the first time. I often wonder what type of posts my readers prefer. I love the idea of the poll, and would be interested in the outcome – meaning did it actually help you focus on what your readers are looking to find.

    1. Thanks, Patti P! I’ll let you know – so far, there are only two responses (including yours!) so it’s too early to tell. But I think it’s quite fun to see the guesses and I’ll be interested in hearing more about what my readers like and want to see more of. I’m glad you found your way over here from UBC, and I hope that you’ll subscribe! I’ll be over to visit you shortly.

  2. Do you need to know who your audience are? I get that it’s important and it could help grow your blog but equally I suspect it could be limiting. I don’t look at my refers often because it’s easy to get obsessed.

    I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to speak with the editor of a local newspaper. They have amazing stats that let them see live which articles are trending, refers etc (twitter and other social media most common I believe) and he was telling us that some organisations have a policy of writing more about trending topics which has become a vicious circle and given them a reputation for writing about topics wouldn’t have by choice thus limiting the audience.

    1. I think you and I will get along beautifully, Emma! LOL Do I need to know who my audience are? (Love that “audience” can be singular or plural!) No. Well, yes. I like it when they comment and I really get to know WHO they are. As for the ones who drop in and out based on my meeting their Google search needs of the moment – no, I don’t. Not unless they return and ask for more. I don’t mind at all when readers ask questions, or a conversation outgrows comments, to become a new blog post. But you make a great point about “trending topics” and the vicious cycle.

      Come to think of it, during an election year it’s easy to forget there are beasts out there that aren’t elephants or donkeys (I see you’re in the UK, but suspect you get just as tired of it over there!). Facebook has aided in unethical research on manipulating readers’ emotional states by controlling what kinds of posts they see. That said – that could be great fodder for a novel.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. It has just been a week that I am reading your blog post but the only thing that I want to say that you are a good writer and it doesn’t matter that which of your post is best. The post which i have of your’s are almost all good.

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