Liebster Award

Today, I was given a sweet surprise – the Liebster Award for A Fresh Perspective, from Jodi of 100 Smile Challenge Blog. Thank you, Jodi!

History of the Liebster Award

The Liebster Award appears to have originated on the German blog Bird of Paradise, in 2010. The idea was to recognize and promote blogs with fewer than 3000 readers. Over the years, the number has varied from 3000 down to 200. The number of blogs to be nominated by each awardee has grown from 3-5, up to 11. In this particular incarnation, it is being used to bring to light blogs and bloggers participating in theย  A-Z Blog Challenge, which runs through the month of April. Follow the breadcrumbs and get to know some of these bloggers! It’s not too late to sign up for the Challenge, if you’re interested – just follow this link: ย

Blog awards are a lovely, thoughtful way to cross-promote blogs and get to know a little bit more about the bloggers behind them. I know people who don’t accept blog awards. I used to be one of them, and I understand the myriad reasons for saying, “No thank you.” If I nominate your blog for an award, be assured that it is only meant as a compliment – not an obligation to participate! These days, I don’t turn down thoughtful awards, good wishes, prayers, vibes, random acts of kindness, or any other positive expression of friendship and compassion. I may tuck them away on a page all their own, or quietly hold them in my heart. I may not be able to dredge up another “7 random silly things about me” that I haven’t written about before, and I don’t want to bore you with repetition. But I do appreciate the thoughtfulness and goodwill.


What the Liebster Award Entails

To accept the ย Liebster Award – at least in its current form – you are asked to do the following:

  • Post the award on your blog (if you don’t like pink, search Google images – you will find variants of this graphic that you can use!)
  • Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award with a link back to their site(s)
  • Post 11 random facts about you, by way of introduction to new readers
  • Answer 11 questions that the presenter of your award has asked
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (or 3-5 blogs having fewer than 3000 followers, if you prefer to keep with the original tradition) that you want to pass the award on to
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions
  • Be happy! You are not obligated to do any of this – just strongly encouraged. Someone would like new readers to get to know you and your blog.

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have lived for half a century. I am less certain of what I know, more certain of what I believe, and my mother was wrong – I haven’t mellowed a bit.
  2. I am afraid of spiders, needles, venomous snakes and insects, and roux. Not much else scares me, really. Except maybe the idea of being reincarnated as a giant redwood tree as a consequence for not learning patience in this life.
  3. One example of my impatience includes dropping out of high school to go full time to college when I was 15. Sneaky way to get out of 8th, 11th, and 12th grades – not to mention avoiding the SAT test, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚ (And no, to this day, I have no regrets about missing out on prom.)
  4. I would like to see a world where everyone’s needs were met and where everyone had equal rights and opportunities to succeed. That said, I don’t believe in communism – it simply doesn’t work on a scale much larger than “family.” That said, family can be a benign dictatorship, and I don’t think I’d want to see that on a national or global scale, either – benign or otherwise.
  5. I don’t like playing favorites. Not with people, things, colors, or concepts. It feels too much like excluding other wonderful people, good things, or interesting concepts. I want them all, not just my “favorite” or my “Top 8.”
  6. If something says “use cool iron” I won’t buy it. I only use my iron for stitch witchery, batik, and cheese sandwiches.
  7. I can’t lie worth a damn. I haven’t got the memory for it. But sometimes, when I’m being really silly and just making up ridiculous stories, they sound plausible and people fall for them.
  8. I’ll bet you thought I was serious about the cheese sandwiches in #6. I really do believe that laughter is the best medicine.
  9. There is no conversation that could make me throw up over dinner. No subject is taboo. But I try to remember that not everyone feels that way.
  10. I don’t have dinner parties often. Okay, ever. I wonder if there’s a connection between this and #9?
  11. I’m not shy, but I am an introvert. This video sums it up beautifully.

Answers to the 11 Questions Asked

  1. What or who put a smile on your face today? Better question – who didn’t? Everyone I’ve spent time with, today, has put a smile on my face.
  2. What or who inspires you to blog? My readers. So long as anyone keeps coming back for more, I’ll keep writing and blogging.
  3. What is your greatest goal right now? To see my children grown, independent, capable, and most importantly, happy. To do something that matters. To leave this world a little happier for having had me in it for a while.
  4. What is your favorite way to spend ME time? Lately, my “ME time” involves watching previous seasons of the TV show, Fringe. Reading is usually my favorite way to spend “Me time” – anything that lets me escape to an imaginary world and immerse myself in it is good. Better than bubbles.
  5. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? I would eradicate mean-spiritedness. That would take care of all those other things, like “world peace” and “ending hunger.”
  6. What is your best feature? My sense of humor.
  7. What are you grateful for today? The fact that I have 1500 Facebook Friends and so many of them are real friends. The fact that none of them are assholes. Seriously, I forget sometimes how precious this is, until I venture out to read the comments on others’ walls and on some of the major media sites and other blogs. I live in a rarified and beautiful world where people can disagree – sometimes vehemently and often on “hot button” or “sensitive” topics, without getting nasty and taking it out on me or my other friends. I know that some of them credit me as a “moderator” or “host” of my spaces, but I credit them with being kind, grown-up, and willing to give me and those I care about the benefit of the doubt.
  8. What is your favorite candy? Chocolate. Marzipan. I don’t know – didn’t I just say that I hate playing favorites? Some days, I’d rather have a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Okay, out of a whole bag of Jolly Ranchers, watermelon is my favorite. But the only ones I don’t like are the cinnamon ones. I like cinnamon, but those are just the wrong texture, somehow.
  9. Which is your favorite holiday and why? My birthday. Duh. Why? Because it’s MINE.
  10. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Cats, if they act like dogs, are also cool.
  11. Which one word describes your mood right now? Calm. Contented.

11 Questions for My Liebster Award Nominees

  1. What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten, and why?
  2. Mountains, forest, prairie, canyon, or beach?
  3. What’s your favorite sport to play or to watch?
  4. What is your ideal vacation like?
  5. What kinds of books do you prefer to read in your spare time?
  6. How has the Internet changed your view of other cultures and people?
  7. What would your “last supper” look like?
  8. Are you energized by the crowd, life of the party – or are you left drained until you can recharge with a little solitude?
  9. What do you want written on your tombstone?
  10. Do you believe in reincarnation – and if so, what do you think you next life will be like?
  11. What’s your favorite rock?

My Nominees for the Liebster Award

  1. Steven Chapman (writer)ย  (had me at “Abusing the English language since 1984” – I’ll admit, I may be biased in favor of writers.)
  2. Ketab (Book) Girl (I knew what it meant!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, found some great YA reading recommendations here on my first visit. I’m obviously biased in favor of readers. Duh.)
  3. The MadLab Post (For suggesting an A to Z Challenge theme that feels right, and makes me want to follow, if not play along.)
  4. The Peasants Revolt (Love folklore! Want to read more.)
  5. Inerded (Interested in comics, video games, and heroes who don’t get the limelight?)
  6. A Short a Day (What an ambitious participant! I’m looking forward to reading a short story a day – even if it’s just a 100-word idea for one – from this blog!)
  7. The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit (Pandas!!)
  8. Whatever (I can relate to the theme, though I’m still struggling to remember anyone mentioning that we were supposed to come up with one…)
  9. Poetry of the Netherworld (Interesting, easy on the eyes, thought provoking. Can’t wait to see what April brings.)
  10. Just Another Rabid Reader (Looks like a fresh, new book review blog! Did I mention I have a fondness for readers?)
  11. Yes, Virginia, There is Life after Retirement (Good to know! Not that I plan to retire any time soon, but it’s always fun to follow those who pave the way.)

That’s it! Have fun, be happy, and enjoy the A to Z Challenge.

Should I be fortunate enough to receive another nomination for this award, I will only update this with answers to the questions asked, and perhaps add to the list of nominees, but I will not write a fresh and complete post on any award twice. I think I’m already repeating myself on the “random things about me” front. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, should I figure out a “theme” and start pre-writing my posts, or just fly by the seat of my pants, as usual?







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15 thoughts on “Liebster Award”

  1. Thanks for the Liebster Award! I think I might answer your questions in my post for Letter L during the challenge. My theme isn’t a suggestion for other A to Z participants…it is an introduction to what will come of my own A to Z blog posts. It is a very personal theme and it took me a long time to come up with what I plan to write. Flying by the seat of your pants would be a spontaneous and adventurous way to do the A to Z challenge. Picking a theme is also fun. Either way, I think the topics that you could right about are above, in your answers to those Leibster Award questions! — especially if you picked one question and answer from this list per day or per letter of the alphabet, and then just elaborated on it. That would be as easy as pie ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Nicole! I think that April will provide plenty of opportunity for reflection; I’m not worried. I just never really considered choosing a theme or pre-writing my posts! (I should, since there will be a few days in the upcoming week where it may be difficult to blog.)
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

      1. Holly, blogging for the A to Z has been hectic and my posts were rather on the lengthy side, so I will be linking up to your blog during my “Reflections” posts and introducing my Liebster Award on that day — and then answering your Liebster questions in a featured blog post when the Post A to Z Road Trip that starts in May! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I didn’t forget about my Liebster duties ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You mean for you, too? Or you disagreed with me about others – when it comes to ME? LOL I’m confused, given the comment’s from YOU. But yeah, you’ve attended at least two “awkward dinner parties” with me – thinking “embalming discussion” and “pygmy food”… It’s just not safe, unless you DO have a strong stomach and a sense of humor, is it?
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  2. Thanks for the nomination. And thanks for reading my blog. It gives me an outlet for my thoughts in retirement. I’ll be looking forward to your A-Z blog posts.

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I have a full schedule right now so it could take me a while to be able to post it.

  4. Birthday! Duh is right!! That would be my favorite too, but I didn’t even think about it being a holiday!! Thanks for doing research on what the Liebster Award is…I had no idea!

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