I Never Believed in Writer’s Block, But Now…

You win.

I choose the cool breeze that wanders,
whistling, wending through the drooping leaves
and brittle branches, ruffling feathers

causing the wisest of wise old owls
to cock its head and glance askew
scarcely believing I’ve run out of things

to say. “Who…you?”



10 thoughts on “I Never Believed in Writer’s Block, But Now…”

  1. It’s delicious to sit outside in a lawn chair (in the shade here because our temps have been at 90 or higher), enjoying a tall glass of iced tea. Sometimes I read, sometimes just think.

    It’s not writer’s block, Holly. It’s a choice to do something else besides write…or talk. It’s good for the heart and soul.

    1. I’ve always believed that. But it never felt like it ran so deep, you know? Maybe too MUCH to say or write… there is that possibility. I should paint, I suppose.

      1. Painting is a great idea. I haven’t done that in a while so my paints are probably all dried up (a good excuse to wander off to the art store and then eat lunch on the patio at one of the new little restaurants by the rebuilt/remodeled mall which I still haven’t visited).

        There are a lots of ways to be creative. In my mind, even people watching is creative.

  2. I’m with Patricia, Holly. Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries. An, oh, yeah — Your statement of how you can’t write anything is sheer poetry! Cheater! 😉

    1. I suppose. I think maybe you’re feeling the same malaise. Maybe it’s manifesting differently, but I caught the symptoms over there…elsewhere. Do you think NASA wants to study the effects of space travel on older populations? I’d volunteer right now.

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