Breaking “Rule 26”: Blogging Pithy Quotes

I’m pretty sure I proposed Rule 26 before Justin Halpern came up with “Shit My Dad Says” and raised breaking rules to a highly lucrative art form. It’s probably a good idea, if you’re going to follow Justin’s lead, to let Dad in on it – otherwise, he’s going to be very surprised to find himself played on national TV by the likes of William Shatner. If you... read more

Here, Hold My Beer – Watch Me Break Blogging Rules I Created!

After I posted “31 Ways NOT to Use Your Blog,” many of you goaded me, egged me on, encouraged me in my mischievous plan to write a series of posts wherein I break blogging rules I created as a tongue in cheek response to Microsoft’s proposal for “31 Ways to Use Your Blog” over a decade ago. How could I resist temptation like that? As with any form of writing, you can break... read more

Breaking “Rule 27”: Blogging as Journal of the Mundane

Dickens began David Copperfield with, “I am born.” Who’s to say that the daily-journal musings of the most ordinary blogger are not tomorrow’s great works of enduring literature? There will, perhaps, be a great nuclear fireball, leaving no library unscathed – and this, this record of the dull and dreary, day-to-day trudge through an essentially comfortable and... read more

Breaking “Rule 28”: Blogging Nasty Things About the Ex-Whatever

Have you ever skated on thin ice? It’s a rush, isn’t it? I used to skate on a little neighborhood lake. In the middle of the lake, there was an island. The water never freezes hard right at the edge of the shore, so it laps over the top of it, resurfacing several yards around the perimeter of the island better than a Zamboni could. Really fun to skate on! Trapped within this surprisingly... read more

Breaking “Rule 29”: Blogging About Bodily Functions/Fluids

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Were you aware of that? Okay, let’s dispense with all that cutesy pink, and talk frankly. I’m a “survivor.” I feel like cancer took up too many clock-cycles already; it’s not the all-consuming thing looming on my brain these days. But when women ask me, “How did you find it? How did you know?” I think back and realize... read more

Breaking “Rule 30”: Blogging About My Sex Life

Second rule to break, and already I’m having second thoughts about this whole blog series. Some things, you just don’t–well, okay, here, hold my beer while I break “Rule 30” and talk about my sex life. My kids may kill me for this. I taught my daughter about “the birds and the bees” when she was about seven. I was pregnant with her brother, and naturally, she had... read more

Breaking “Rule 31”: Blogging About Co-workers

I’ve already broken the cardinal rule of social media – the one that says, “Do not Friend your coworkers on Facebook, and for the love of all that’s holy, never Friend your boss or blog about work.” No one wants to be dooced, even if Heather A. swears she never was. And yet, if you can’t be friends with the people you spend 8-12 hours a day with, five days a week, who... read more

Darkness and Light, Hate and…Letting Go

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr We are admonished to “love thy neighbor” – especially the ones who are most difficult to love. It is a challenge, especially at this point in an election year. It’s a wonder the Facebook Block button hasn’t broken. I no longer think of... read more

Mission Possible! Resurrect the Zombie Blog

It’s official. I’ve killed my blog. But no pity parties – I do this every few years. I must have a Messianic complex, because I have so much fun resurrecting the thing. Sometimes, of course, I do it just by pushing the wrong button.  Hence, the “2013” in the URL – I very creatively named it for the year of its last resurrection from the ashes of my nuclear annihilation... read more

31 Ways Not to Use Your Blog #FridayReflections

Writing is a meditation. It is the communication, from one mind to another, that which lives entirely within the imagination. It is an act of creation. It is art. It is part of what it means to be human. But as they say, “If a tree falls in the woods, and there is no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” Why keep a diary, only to burn it? Why write a book, only to shove it in a... read more

Writing summed up. — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

via Writing summed up. — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity Please share this... read more

Toby, by Hazel Mitchell

When a young boy and his father move from one house to another, they decide to adopt a dog from the local rescue shelter. But their chosen dog, Toby, is having a tough time adjusting to his new life outside the shelter—howling all night, hiding fearfully from his new humans, forgetting where to go to the bathroom, and chasing a ball through the flower bed. The boy has promised to train his new companion,... read more

Another Day of Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k)

The grocery list wasn’t long, so I decided to take a tote bag and walk the half mile or so to the store. It was an easy, pleasant walk. Even the return trip wasn’t hard, despite a few pounds of potatoes, bananas, cream cheese, and other produce. Always make sure the tote can be slung over one or both shoulders! It wasn’t a 5k, not by a longshot. I put up the groceries and headed back... read more

How to Write for Children

Lots of writers want to know, “How do you write a children’s book and get it published?” Do you know how to write for children? If you think it’s easy, don’t do it. Writing for Children has an obvious appeal: the stories are often short, simple, and use basic vocabulary words. “See Spot run. See Jane run after Spot. Run, Spot, run!” But writing for children... read more

Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) in NW Houston, TX

Don’t worry if this is the first you’ve heard of the Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) – I just heard about it yesterday! You can still join in the fun until Sunday, September 25, because unless you’re an Automattic employee, there’s no organized event and you still have over 24 hours! I’ve been working to increase my overall fitness – mainly to lose weight and... read more

Blog Zombies, Fire Ants, and Out of My Comfort Zone

Mitch Mitchell has been running by my blog, bopping me on top of my head, calling me “Kiddo” and telling me my blog’s not mobile friendly. I told him I couldn’t be bothered to care before coffee. But I fixed it – a little. Now he’s thrown down the gauntlet, issuing a video rebuttal of my post, “Is Blogging Dead?” I say “thrown down the gauntlet”... read more

Is Blogging Dead?

That’s a question people have been asking since about five minutes after blogging became “a thing.” It feels like blogging peaked in 2008 – 2012. Interest, both from bloggers and from readers, has declined fairly steadily, dropping as much as 40-50%, since then. Podcasting seems a likely replacement, but interest in that appears to have peaked even earlier – prior to 2007.... read more

Collaborative Writing for Fun

Remember those campfire stories, where one person starts: “It was a dark, chilly night…” The next person adds something new: “…when Peter found himself lost in the spooky woods…” And someone else pipes up: “…where the sudden hoot of an owl startled him, and…” “…he tripped, and rolled to the bottom of the ravine…”... read more

A Thread of Hope: Post-Apocalyptic Re-Creation Myth?

Mitchell Allen, fellow writer and faithful contributor to the Creative Copy Challenge, and I have noticed occasional similarities in our writing – or at least in our interpretations of the prompts. Our contributions to the CCC this week were oddly similar – part creation myth, part humor, the use of specific words not listed in the prompt, a playful hint of the erotic. You can read his, and... read more

Planetary Alignment

The following story is inspired by The Creative Copy Challenge. This week’s words: Landforms, Languages, Lagoon, Lakebed, Lava Dome, Latitude, Lowland, Meander, Natural arch, Overhang. This is as close to erotica as you’re going to get on this blog. Planetary Alignment Anaïs let her fingers trail down the vertebral knobs at the back of Cam’s neck. She  contemplated the landforms of... read more

Change is the Only Constant

I have a love/hate relationship with poetry – certainly with poetry that takes itself far too seriously, extending the notion that poets are a fragile, sensitive, breakable lot, rather than people who paint and puzzle with words, stretch their meaning, invoke in readers mental pictures without benefit of long, descriptive passages in prose – I prefer to think of us as a playful bunch, and cut... read more

And Then, One Day, They Just Stopped Growing…

The first thing I noticed was the ridges. Vertical lines, from the base of my fingernails to the tips. A bit like the grooves on a vinyl record – nothing too deep or obvious. My nails had always been pliable, bendable, more likely to tear like paper than to break or snap. That had changed; they’d become a bit brittle. Thinner, but drier and more prone to break than to tear. And they appeared... read more

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