Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) in NW Houston, TX

Don’t worry if this is the first you’ve heard of the Worldwide WordPress 5k (#WWWP5k) – I just heard about it yesterday! You can still join in the fun until Sunday, September 25, because unless you’re an Automattic employee, there’s no organized event and you still have over 24 hours! I’ve been working to increase my overall fitness – mainly to lose weight and... read more

Blog Zombies, Fire Ants, and Out of My Comfort Zone

Mitch Mitchell has been running by my blog, bopping me on top of my head, calling me “Kiddo” and telling me my blog’s not mobile friendly. I told him I couldn’t be bothered to care before coffee. But I fixed it – a little. Now he’s thrown down the gauntlet, issuing a video rebuttal of my post, “Is Blogging Dead?” I say “thrown down the gauntlet”... read more

Is Blogging Dead?

That’s a question people have been asking since about five minutes after blogging became “a thing.” It feels like blogging peaked in 2008 – 2012. Interest, both from bloggers and from readers, has declined fairly steadily, dropping as much as 40-50%, since then. Podcasting seems a likely replacement, but interest in that appears to have peaked even earlier – prior to 2007.... read more

Collaborative Writing for Fun

Remember those campfire stories, where one person starts: “It was a dark, chilly night…” The next person adds something new: “…when Peter found himself lost in the spooky woods…” And someone else pipes up: “…where the sudden hoot of an owl startled him, and…” “…he tripped, and rolled to the bottom of the ravine…”... read more

A Thread of Hope: Post-Apocalyptic Re-Creation Myth?

Mitchell Allen, fellow writer and faithful contributor to the Creative Copy Challenge, and I have noticed occasional similarities in our writing – or at least in our interpretations of the prompts. Our contributions to the CCC this week were oddly similar – part creation myth, part humor, the use of specific words not listed in the prompt, a playful hint of the erotic. You can read his, and... read more

Planetary Alignment

The following story is inspired by The Creative Copy Challenge. This week’s words: Landforms, Languages, Lagoon, Lakebed, Lava Dome, Latitude, Lowland, Meander, Natural arch, Overhang. This is as close to erotica as you’re going to get on this blog. Planetary Alignment Anaïs let her fingers trail down the vertebral knobs at the back of Cam’s neck. She  contemplated the landforms of... read more

Change is the Only Constant

I have a love/hate relationship with poetry – certainly with poetry that takes itself far too seriously, extending the notion that poets are a fragile, sensitive, breakable lot, rather than people who paint and puzzle with words, stretch their meaning, invoke in readers mental pictures without benefit of long, descriptive passages in prose – I prefer to think of us as a playful bunch, and cut... read more

And Then, One Day, They Just Stopped Growing…

The first thing I noticed was the ridges. Vertical lines, from the base of my fingernails to the tips. A bit like the grooves on a vinyl record – nothing too deep or obvious. My nails had always been pliable, bendable, more likely to tear like paper than to break or snap. That had changed; they’d become a bit brittle. Thinner, but drier and more prone to break than to tear. And they appeared... read more


Her Authorship and The King of Forbearance got onto a smaller, commuter train bound for Sitges. There, they would catch a taxi to their home away from home for the week to come. Once a year or so, The King’s family got together for something they called a “reunion.” Plot Bunny and Herman just thought of it as an adventure, for as close as this particular family is, it’s like they... read more

Gorillas in the Glass

Gorilla Glass. Just the name brings up images of zoo animals running rampant through panes of ordinary glass, shaking their fur free of glistening shards of the stuff, until the gorilla in the lead bonks his nose on Corning’s now ubiquitous “Gorilla Glass.” We’re up to Gorilla Glass 5, now, apparently, and Facebook tells me it might be prone to scratches. I check; the phone... read more

Garish Lions

Plot Bunny and Herman Hootabout were excited. Mostly about breakfast. Neither could complain that Her Authorship didn’t feed them well, and the morning they left Paris was no exception. While The King of Forebearance insisted on ordering “American coffee” to go with his Continental Breakfast, Her Authorship insisted on shortchanging herself every time – ordering “traditional... read more

Time to Fly!

Once they made it past security, the Stowaways began to wriggle and cough and draw attention to Her Authorship’s backpack. She unzipped the compartment in which they had hidden, and they popped up gasping dramatically for air. “Oh, I thought we’d never make it!” “PB, Herman, we’re not there, yet. We’re still in Houston.” Her Authorship laughed.... read more


“Her Authorship is going to Paris and Barcelona, and she didn’t buy us tickets?” said Herman Hootabout, flitting to the top of the open backpack and peering into the half-empty compartment. “I’m sure she meant to,” said Plot Bunny. “It must have been an oversight.” PB hopped atop the open backpack next to the wise little owl. “This might actually be... read more

BlogHop with Plot Bunny and Friends

“Hey, Your Authorship, let’s have an end-of-summer party!” Her Authorship peers over the rim of her glasses at Plot Bunny, Herman the Hootie, and Jam. “What did you have in mind, PB?” “I was thinking we could have a bunnyhop for fun-loving fiction writers, poets, and artists to share their creative work and get more links back to their own blogs. Kind of like an online... read more

Readability, Easier Editing, and Better Linkage

Yoast SEO and the Readability Checker Blogging can lead to lazy writing habits. I don’t know of any automated grammar checker that can accurately flag 100% of all errors without also throwing a good number of “false positives.” However, Yoast SEO‘s Readability checker is helpful. I remember the early spell-checkers and awkward attempts at grammar-checkers, so my thought usually... read more

Walk-a-Thons Aren’t What They Used to Be

Walking to raise money for charity is nothing, these days. By that, I don’t mean it’s not a fun and worthwhile, healthy activity that does good – just that there’s really no challenge in it if you get the same donation whether you walk or oversleep and miss the event altogether. I remember signing up for the March of Dimes twenty-Mile Walk-a-Thon, as a kid. I eagerly solicited... read more

Plot Bunny and Friends

If we’re not connected on Instagram, you may not have met my little friends, yet. What author doesn’t have a Plot Bunny or three foraging in their brain, hopping across their keyboard, or dancing – the bunny hop, of course – across their desk? Plot bunnies in their heads, plot bunnies in their beds… Of course, we also need wisdom: a wise old owl perched on one shoulder,... read more

Great Replacement Fast Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 since last year, and I still love it. And I love the fast charging capability of this mobile phone, but I was soon searching for a replacement fast charger. I’d sworn off Android phones, back when I got rid of my Garminfone, years ago. Garmin makes top-notch GPS navigation systems (which was about the only thing that ever worked well on that phone), and... read more

I Never Believed in Writer’s Block, But Now…

You win. I choose the cool breeze that wanders, whistling, wending through the drooping leaves and brittle branches, ruffling feathers causing the wisest of wise old owls to cock its head and glance askew scarcely believing I’ve run out of things to say. “Who…you?”     Please share this... read more

The Most Powerful Words We Can Say to Our Children

We lead by example. Sometimes, we lead by bad example, and “Do as I say, not as I do,” can be very sound advice to a child. But it’s not the most important or powerful phrase a parent ever uttered – it’s more of a last ditch hope that our children won’t follow in our own flawed footsteps. I believe the most powerful words we can say to our children are “I’m... read more

To My Dad, on Father’s Day

Thank you, Dad… …for demonstrating the importance of education, and setting a good example; …for letting me play with your monstrosity of a calculator – I would never understand the math (no doubt, to your everlasting frustration), but its resemblance to a typewriter surely had some influence on me; …for your even temper; …for taking me nice places, even when I was wearing the “Lucy” button or vying for... read more

Iron and Rust

The four-legged cast-iron Dutch oven sat just outside the kitchen window, masquerading as a planter for wild things. Tetanus, maybe. Running a hand across its rust-roughened surface, it was hard to tell if it had sprouted tumors or succumbed to the pitting of an acid rain. I had an uneasy, love-hate relationship with cast iron even when the Dutch oven was new. Someone had explained “seasoning the... read more

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