Is it cheating to say, “I’ve done this – more than once – but I wanna go again!”? Not just parasailing, of course, but parasailing upside down. Is there any other way? I can’t believe my mom had to twist my arm to do this, initially. She loved parasailing, and asked if she could take her granddaughter, Katie. She invited me to go along, of course, but I wasn’t interested. Not afraid, exactly, but content – or so I thought – to film them from the boat. They had so much fun!


The crew saw the look on my face and asked if I wanted to go before we headed back to the beach. I didn’t want to delay everyone else, and reluctantly said no. The other parasailors were good sports, though, and when a whole boatload of people urges you to go, you go. From that moment, I was hooked! The next time I went, I had to wait longer and got to chatting with the operator on the shore. “Can I use the acrobatic harness?”

“The what?”

“I just had this urge to flip over and fly – you know, like Superman. Or a circus performer. I think it would be really cool if you had a harness that let people do that.”

“Oh, you don’t need a special harness. Go for it.”

“Wait – you’d better not be kidding. Because I’m not kidding, and I really don’t want to die today.”

“No, it’s fine. Go for it.”



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9 thoughts on “Parasailing”

  1. You get extra points for having a post that required you to risk your life for the picture! I know you didn’t just parasail for research, though. 🙂 I don’t think I could ever do something like that. My husband says I should, but if I’m not going to enjoy it, what’s the point?


    1. Oh, there really wasn’t any risk at all to life or limb. I did think about it long and hard, and suggest flipping BACKWARDS – since if you fly superman-style, and haven’t got the strength to get your butt back into the “seat,” you could be hanging by your waist from a canvas strap till they bring you back down. I’m thinking that could be really uncomfortable!! Flipping backwards and upside down, you won’t have that problem…

      You should maybe listen to your husband, but find something that appeals to YOU. Remember – I didn’t think I’d enjoy this, either. I had ZERO interest in trying it, when we went out to the boat. I just wanted to watch my mom and daughter having fun. And then, I was hooked. So do give things a try unless you’re SURE you’d hate them. (I intensely dislike the sensation of freefall; that’s the only reason I don’t try skydiving. It’s NOT that I’m scared or think it’s all that dangerous. But I do know – I don’t like jumping off the high dive into the pool, although I DO like to dive and swim. It’s just that I want my stomach to stay put.) It’s good to step out of your comfort zone, but probably not worthwhile to do something you already have experience on which to base your aversion to it.
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