Quell the Quest

Quell the urge to fight against the hours;
Relent, give in, admit defeat – move on.
Such is life, and there are worthier pursuits –
Truer aims, more meaningful challenges
Ubiquitous —
Vanquish those.
Waste not one precious moment
Xerescaping the page. Say to what grows in imagination,
Yes!” Embrace the strange, exotic, foreign fruit – wring out its
Zest for Life, and live.


And with that, I close out this year’s A to Z Challenge. I thought I could do it, but I grew tired of the theme – which is weird, since I never got to V (we all know what that #bucketlist item is, by now, anyway – right?). I’m ready to move on and enjoy the OWFI conference! Next year, I’m stealing Nick Wilford’s idea.


[UPDATE: Why wait for next year to steal Nick’s idea when I can sign up to write a Story a Day in May? I’m an idiot.]




Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at http://amazon.com/author/hollyjahangiri. For more information on her children's books, please visit http://jahangiri.us/books.
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12 thoughts on “Quell the Quest”

    1. You’re right! I’d thought it would be – there are a million things I want to do and experience, but I put conditions on them: They had to be interesting enough to blog about; they had to be fairly specific; they had to be something I really felt somewhat driven to do before I die; they had to be something reasonably attainable – something I wouldn’t go, “Well, that’s a nice idea, but in reality, it’ll never happen.” So, you know, things like “Fly to Mars,” while interesting, isn’t really something I want to do and isn’t even remotely attainable. It did turn out harder than I’d imagined it would be!

    2. I have to add, though, that that’s a good thing – I did a lot of thinking, and really, I am grateful for all the experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to have, up to this point – and honestly don’t feel there’s anything tragically missing from my life. Anyone who can say that is pretty fortunate, indeed.

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