“Her Authorship is going to Paris and Barcelona, and she didn’t buy us tickets?” said Herman Hootabout, flitting to the top of the open backpack and peering into the half-empty compartment.

“I’m sure she meant to,” said Plot Bunny. “It must have been an oversight.” PB hopped atop the open backpack next to the wise little owl. “This might actually be more comfortable. It’s dark enough; we could get some shut-eye.”

“Oh, that’s all well and good for you to say, Rabbit – but I can’t shut my eyes!” Herman flapped his little wings and softly hooted his annoyance.

“I’ll cover them with my ears,” offered Plot Bunny. “It’s a win-win, since your big eyes will probably help block out the noise!”

Plot Bunny and Herman Hootabout - Stowaways!

Herman thought about this for a moment, and burrowed into the backpack, nestling atop a pair of Her Authorship’s black socks. “Deal,” he hooted. “Hop in.”

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5 thoughts on “Stowaways!”

  1. Some stories take a Pulitzer Prize. I am not sure if this one will….
    (SPOCK: Odds are low, despite…..)

    But this one, tho it will not take the cake….
    Will take the bag, the bunny, and the owl.

    And the bunny and the owl, will be be in a flying boat, I think.
    (Was there not some sort of nursery rhyme, years ago?)

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