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Well, I’m not the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. And there’s no time limit on this deal – no “today only” or “tomorrow the price goes up 50%” – it’s totally free, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for as long as I can afford to run this blog. But if you’d like to get posts in email, if only to be sure you get notified if I snooze and fail to post for a week or three – there are two ways to subscribe over there, in the right-hand sidebar. You can do it via Google’s Feedburner or the WordPress subscription thingy. I don’t have a preference. I subscribe to both, just to be reasonably sure they’re still working.

If you use Feedburner, be sure that is an allowed sender (whitelisted) in your email program. (Thanks, @zimpeterw for that heads’ up!) To subscribe using WordPress, you’ll need a account. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to set one up – it’s easy, also free, and can be useful when commenting on blogs, even if you never write a blog post, yourself. WordPress owns Gravatar, too, and many blogs – including this one – require you to have a Gravatar account and profile image when commenting, else your comments go into spam or moderation. Yes, it’s a bit inconvenient for all of us, but very effective in nearly eliminating all spam.

Also note that if you subscribe via email, you may still want to click the link and visit the blog now and then, especially if you notice too much white space between paragraphs, or something. Because not all images or videos posted here will be included in the email versions. Plus, if you just comment by replying to the email, you’re not really joining in the conversation in the comments here – you’re just…sending me an email. Which I really don’t mind at all, but it’s more fun if everyone gets to play along at home, don’t you think? Anyway – I’m very glad you’re here and I’d be very glad if you’d come BACK.

For the next 39 days or so, I won’t be able to share my own posts on Facebook. You may – if you like them. But you won’t get notified of new stuff here, over there, by me or by one of my pages. So I’d encourage you to subscribe and spread the word, so that we can stay in touch here. It’s a long way to March 24…


P.S. I may email you from time to time. I will not rent or sell your info, and will try not to bug you. I won’t send you any emails from autobots, either – other than the ones you requested (the blog posts themselves) via subscription. That’s a promise.


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at For more information on her children's books, please visit
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4 thoughts on “Subscribe Today – for FREE!”

    1. If you already get my posts in email (and I do think you subscribed ages and ages ago) nothing’s changed and no need to do it again!

      That said, if Peter Wright hadn’t said something last week about missing my blog posts, we would not have realized that bit about making sure the address was whitelisted. He’d added it to “blocked senders.” That won’t work, unless you’re subscribed using the method. Well, it’ll work – but all too well. You won’t get any of my posts in email if you block that address! 🙂
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Ash Wednesday: Observing Lent from a Secular PerspectiveMy Profile

  1. I Too am subscribed but would it be okay to forward this to selected friends of mine? I wrote to K yesterday about our new power. Her comment was, “Wait! What?”. or something to that effect!

    1. Absolutely!! Please forward this to anyone you like. It’s public and the more readers the merrier.

      Yes, I had a panicked note from Katie earlier. She hadn’t seen MY email explaining the limited duties required, and was like, “I don’t have time for this!” When she saw my email, she changed her tune: “I’m going to post pictures of naked men!” LOL I told her as long as they were all ADULTS…


      So far, so good – I only wish that when you deactivated an account, you could leave a short “out of office, here’s how to contact me” message. If anyone asks, please do tell them how to find me here and elsewhere!

      All but the Facebook links still work for now (I’ve decided that the reviewers at Instagram are working hard to comply with their Terms, and enforcing them consistently, so I’m going to temporarily ignore the fact that Facebook owns them and will continue to use it and hope for the best.)
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted…Ash Wednesday: Observing Lent from a Secular PerspectiveMy Profile

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