The Great A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

It’s not enough to join the ‪#‎atozchallenge challenge – now I have to have a theme?

And then, it hit me – epiphany.

Maybe nothing quite so deep, so rare, or so spiritual; after all, epiphanies are like orgasms – one doesn’t simply have them on command, and certainly not every day for thirty days. Thoughts of conjuring epiphanies every day – real or fictional – leave me exhausted, mentally spent. Maybe a little “Aha!” moment, but nothing quite so dramatic it might cause me to leap naked out of a bathtub and grab a webcam, screaming, “Eureka!” to my neighbors on a Google+ Hangout, like a modern-day Archimedes.

To be sure, we’ve all had our “Aha” moments. They materialize without warning, often through an unconscious shift in mental perspective that can abruptly alter how we perceive a problem. “An ‘aha’ moment is any sudden comprehension that allows you to see something in a different light,” says psychologist John Kounios at Drexel University in Philadelphia. “It could be the solution to a problem; it could be getting a joke; or suddenly recognizing a face. It could be realizing that a friend of yours is not really a friend.” (“A Wandering Mind Heads Straight Toward Insight,” Last viewed: 03/21/14)

Yes, I think insight would be a better, broader theme for April’s A to Z Challenge. Maybe we’ll discover some, together, along the way.


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12 thoughts on “The Great A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal”

    1. Oh, it’s a lot of fun. I think I almost made it through the whole alphabet, last year. You’ll meet some great folks along the way, and it will remind you to write often. I’m approaching these things differently, now. I’m not going to throw something up just to throw up on my blog. 😉 If I can’t think of something to write, so be it. I’ll read, instead. The sky won’t fall in.
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  1. Insights!

    I love insights…I have been reading and experimenting with them for a while now (Don’t ask me for any concrete data..I am just testing things out to get more ideas for my blogs. I limit myself to 2 ideas per day, so I don’t particularly know which ones work better. The important point is that I get ideas :D).

    Most of my ideas are just activities and/or skills I can do/learn – keep my mind away from my blog. Let my unconscious mind make those connections….and finally, have those awesome ideas 😀

    Anyways, I am looking forward to what you have to say about insights! Thank you for sharing, Holly!
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    1. I am looking forward to reading*

      These days, I am making a lot more typing mistakes. I think it’s because of the activity I did last year; I tried to increase my typing speed, using the usual typing technique (I only use 3 or 4 of my finger for typing).

      The problem was that I was also blogging while doing this…so, lot of commenting (I typed a lot, using the wrong method, while trying to learn the right method for 10-15 mins).

      Well, that ended up in a disaster. My typing technique is a huge mess right now (I still am able to finish everything on time…but I would like to improve it).

      Aha..Just got an insight. Why not do it during this summer? Sure, I probably have to stay away from commenting (I could schedule all my posts) and learn to type properly. I should be able to manage social media).

      Hopefully, it will work out!

      Thank you, Holly for making me think…and giving me that insight 😀

      1. You may need to relearn typing. On the other hand, my daughter types all wrong, but faster than I do (around 70 wpm)and with greater accuracy (99-100%). So – who cares if she uses the right fingers on the keys? Shouldn’t results matter most, if the methods aren’t causing anyone any problems? Summer is a great time for pursuing all the things that make you happy. I think your challenge is figuring out if social media and blogging really do that, Jeevan! 🙂 As for cleaning up your typing technique, I do recommend trying – I can type faster if I don’t look at my hands or think about what I’m typing, and can actually take dictation from the thoughts in my head, or carry on a conversation while I type (a slow, simple one, mind you). I don’t think you can do that with poor typing technique. But I still struggle, even decades after learning to type, with the number/symbol keys!
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    2. How do you limit yourself to two ideas a day, Jeevan? Do you mean limiting the ones you explore or pursue? I agree, it’s important to get lots and lots of ideas, but then to focus on the best ones so you don’t drown in the ideas and fail to act on any of them.

      For me, one of those things I’ve been learning is crochet. And one of my ideas was to learn new stitches and how to follow patterns more easily. So I’ve been practicing (but now my shoulders, arms, and hands ache and ways a keyboard never made them do!)

      Keep at it, Jeevan! How’s school going?
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Bicycle Built for TwoMy Profile

      1. The problem is I still ignore my ‘bad’ ideas…Sorry, limiting is quite easy.

        I know I shouldn’t do that…I should take note of the bad ideas (I am trying to, but my brain keeps ignoring it!).

        That’s great, right? No pain, no gain (I think it’s a good indication that we are working hard, unless we are doing it the wrong way).

        It’s great so far. 3 more weeks and it’s summer (Only thing I hate right now is going outside; I have pollen allergy, so going outside means nasal congestion and all sorts of bad things!).

      2. How do you decide which ideas are “bad” and ought to be ignored? Are you judging by your criteria, others’ criteria, or something you IMAGINE to be “what others would think of this idea”? Think about it.

        Get yourself some chlorpheniramine maleate (if it doesn’t put you to sleep, it’s a pretty safe, cheap, and effective antihistamine – works better than some of the pricier, trendier alternatives in my personal experience) and get outdoors. Go.
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