Truth or Consequences: 2015 Resolution Roulette

Looking back at last year’s to-do list, it appears that the only thing I accomplished in 2014 was to publish A New Leaf for Lyle with Carrie Salazar. Even if that had been the only thing I achieved, this past year, I’d be pretty proud of that. The truth is, things don’t always go as planned – and that’s okay. After listing all the things I’ve learned, made, seen, and done this past year, I’m okay with letting go of the ones I didn’t. 2014 was a good year, when all is said and done.

2015 needs to be even better.

The Non-Negotiable, 100% Committed, Do or Die Trying Goal for 2015
These are the things that I must make happen in 2015. No touchy-feely, “love my neighbor as I love myself and show it in all I say and do” nonsense – that’s a stretch goal for another day. But if you’re reading this, consider yourself hugged in a supportive, friendly, positive, upbeat way. And if my arm doesn’t quit circle your circumference, feel free to join me in this, the most clichéd but worthwhile of all New Year’s resolutions:

Lose 78 lbs. by 12/31/2015 and become physically fit enough to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls without getting overly winded, or crochet a Pepto-Bismol pink amigurumi pig with a miniature, beaded tiara and a purple feather boa using embroidery floss and teeny-tiny seed beads, and auction it off to benefit Relay for Life in April 2016.*

The Smorgasbord of Aspirational Inclinations
These are the things I’d like to make happen in 2015, but they are not as worthy of the single-minded commitment of that first goal. 

Volunteer one shift a month at the Houston Food Bank. For any month I don’t do this, I will buy 2 prepacked bags of food to donate to them.

Be a better, more studious student, and a better, more patient mentor. Somehow, I think the karma of failing at one will result in the other one beating me over the head, so – yeah.

Finish crocheting the Owl Blanket. I’d have put this under the “non-negotiables,” but calculated that I’ll need 552 squares to finish it if I go for “King sized.” So much for all of them being owls. This could take more than a year. Or maybe it’ll be a smaller “throw.” A pillow cover…nah, that’s a cop-out. If I don’t make at least 365 squares by December 31, 2015, I’ll…camp in the back yard in January 2016 – without those amazing little chemical handwarmers tucked into my sleeping bag, to remind me why crocheted owl blankets are important. This one’s for me.

Crochet owl squares - pattern at

The finished square is a sample, only. The real squares are the ones with the darker green border. The pile of unfinished squares made me feel productive until I calculated I have to make 542 more.


Resurrect the blog. Not that it’s dead, by any means – more like obstinately sulking over in the corner – but every few years I feel compelled to get it ranking well. It’s kind of a meaningless metric, but it’s a perverse challenge that seems to matter so much to so many in our metrics-driven society. This year, the real challenge will be to go back to my roots and dominate the no-niche niche. To post something entertaining, useful, informative, provocative, inspirational (now we’re scraping the pith from the switch) –  weekly, at the very least. If I can’t get my Pagerank of 3 back, and shove this puppy into Alexa’s top 100,000 blogs worldwide, by August 1, 2015, I will walk to work and back once a month. (Granted, that’s only 8 miles and it serves my “Non-Negotiable, 100% Committed, Do or Die Trying Goal” quite well. I should do it regardless. But now, I can treat it like some onerous awful punishment… I reserve the right to do it on a holiday or weekend, so I don’t show up to work all sweaty and stinky. It’s not as if I have to haul camping equipment with me to do it. But there are no sidewalks and it’s hot and it makes me whiny just to think about it…oh, don’t roll your eyes at me.)

Attend the OWFI Conference in May 2015 and enter at least three items into the annual contest. No consequences for this one; I’m already committed to serving as one of the Contest Category Chairs, either way.

Write. Submit. Rinse. Repeat. It’s the “submit” part that gives me the willies; I think just thinking about it is part of why I don’t write more. Because then, I wouldn’t have a good excuse not to submit anything. If I don’t submit anything by December 31, I’ll have to write a post explaining why I can’t at least finger Bulwer-Lytton’s proboscis or be a contender for the worst poet of 2015.

2015 is going to be awesome.



* If you know me at all, you’ve realized now that failure is not an option.


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at For more information on her children's books, please visit
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9 thoughts on “Truth or Consequences: 2015 Resolution Roulette”

  1. Hey, I’m the guy shooting to dominate the no-niche blogging ranks! lol The weight goal is a lofty one but I’m sure you’ll do well in working towards it. I’m only shooting to lose 10 because I think that’s attainable but if I lose more I won’t be mad at anyone. The same goes for that !0 million in the bank that’s always on the list. 😉
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Day After Christmas; Best Of 2014 & A Look At Goals…My Profile

  2. “Hey, I’m the guy shooting to dominate the no-niche blogging ranks!”

    Oh, excellent! Then we can make it a friendly collaboration till it’s just you and me at the top of the heap – and then we’ll arm-wrestle for it. 😉

    The weight goal is very doable. For you, too. I’ve set it at LESS than 2 lbs. per week. It’s being consistent for a whole YEAR that’s tough, but if we form good habits early, we can do it. As for 10 lbs., I can fluctuate that much in mostly water retention. (I just lost ten pounds of holiday bloat in the last 4-5 days. Doesn’t count for much, but…yay me. At least THAT slightly horrifying number on the scale wasn’t real.)
    HollyJahangiri recently posted…The Importance of SleepMy Profile

  3. Good luck with all your creative plans in 2015! Looking forward to reading your posts. I’m sure if you write regularly that Alexa rank will fall in line. This year, I’m giving it the ditch and just writing for myself!

    1. Thanks, Corinne! I hope you’re right, because that’s my plan in a nutshell. I don’t write only for myself, though. I’d just keep an offline diary, if that’s what I wanted to do. I write for readers – but therein lies the rub. I don’t write for bots. I’m not being true to myself, writing for bots. Bots don’t read; they scan and skim. Bots don’t care; they do pretty charts and graphs signifying nothing important to me. Bots tend to say a lot of things like “sex” and “ugg” and “need a lawyer?” I am under the impression Michael Kors might – whoever he is. But they never leave meaningful comments. So I will continue to write for people and if the bots of Alexa and Google want to follow along, that’s okay.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Decluttering: If You Haven’t Used It in 6 Months…My Profile

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