Wordy Wednesday

It’s back! Who has been reading this blog long enough to remember “Wordy Wednesday” quizzes? Let’s see how well you do with these – remember, don’t peek in a dictionary or Google the words until you’ve given it a good try! (You’re only cheating yourself if you do.) Share your score in the comments below, but please do NOT share the answers or hints there!

Ready? Go!



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20 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday”

    1. Are you looking solely at an email version of this post? If not, which browser are you using? Did you give it a few seconds to load? The quiz is served from a third-party site (I created it on Quibblo.com). It loads fine for me, but I can try troubleshooting it if you still have a problem. It probably will NOT ever load in the email version.
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    1. Awesome! Ramana had me worried I’d made it too easy. Next week’s was going to be devilishly difficult! (You’re not supposed to be able to get them all right without Googling! But Googling is cheating. I went back to some of my old ones, from around 2009, and had forgotten the answers – it was tough! LOL)

      1. Well it’s not supposed to make anyone feel STUPID! I work to find hard ones. I have the advantage in making the quiz – I get to Google stuff! 🙂

        It’s supposed to be hard, fun, and teach you stuff. Now you can go impress all your friends. (Although if you keep it up, most of them will start looking at you and going, “Huh? What’d she just say?”)
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