5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 3)

Today’s black and white photo is stolen from white and pink. I’m calling it “Mineral for Animal and Vegetable,” which gives you a huge clue as to what this close-up is all about. Think you know? Leave your guess in the comments.

Its grainy look has nothing to do with my photographic skill; it’s naturally grainy, powdery, irregular, and you’re seeing it through a layer of convex clear plastic.

And technically, I guess it’s yesterday’s photo – I’m running a day late. I owe you another before bedtime.

Mineral for Animal and Vegetable

Mineral for Animal and Vegetable


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2 thoughts on “5 Day Black & White Challenge (Day 3)”

  1. I’m guessing salt? I love it, it’s close, it’s grainy it’s all shapes and sizes and the little bit of black space balances everything nicely. In love and light Cheryle

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