Bees & Assassins in the Back Yard

This little red assassin bug (left) is considered “highly beneficial” despite its sinister name.  It eats other insects that are considered “pests.” Although its bite can be painful, it isn’t toxic or dangerous to humans.

Bees, too, are important to our survival. That doesn’t stop me, normally, from doing a frenzied sort of dance-and-run-while-screaming routine when I find myself in the midst of 2 or more bees. Does this little guy look huge, or what?




Busy little bees with pollen dusted feet.

If you know me at all, can you imagine me there, calmly waiting for them to alight long enough to focus? All my attention narrowed to that one goal – getting a photo as they flitted from one blossom to the next. I’m still sweating.





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9 thoughts on “Bees & Assassins in the Back Yard”

  1. Welcome to the world of photography. Yes, you do become oblivious to the rest of the world to get that one shot.

    When I did wedding photography for Indo-Pak community back in the days, I would climb furniture and stand on window sills to get the action. People that I was crazy, but the results got me more work.

    Photography brings out the OCD in you. 🙂 Have fun!
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted…The Shot I Almost MissedMy Profile

    1. Never mind the OCD – I am TERRIFIED of bees. I was amazed at how still I could be with probably 12-20 of them flitting about so close. I kept thinking that maybe, if I played “statue” long enough, they’d believe it, too!

  2. Holly, if you’re going to get heavy into critter and bug photography, you should check out my old high school buddy Linda Dahlberg on Facebook. She does beautiful photos and is working on a photo and fact book about the beauty she finds in her own back yard. I don’t know for sure if her photos are public, but you can go here to see: Feel free to tell her I sent you.
    Patricia Stoltey recently posted…The Book I’ll Never Write … by Shannon BakerMy Profile

  3. It’s bizarre that I’m not afraid of bees, as often as I was stung as a child. Sweat bees do freak me out, the little devils, but not the bigger ones. Unlike #4 Daughter, who was absolutely, truly TARGETED by a big bee who lived in our back yard. When she came outside, you could look back at where he hung out and watch him … making a bee line for her. Much angry buzzing, much running for the house.
    Marian Allen recently posted…Lucky McStubbs #animals #squirrelMy Profile

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